Bionicle Organs?

ok don’t call me a heretic but the way i think of bionicles are that they have living organs inside there body and must eat,breathe,sleep and “other” functions to survive but have external shell of metal.

dose anyone else think of them this way or do you got another way of thinking?


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I think @Scorpion_Strike did an interesting topic about this a while ago. I recommend looking at it.

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do you have a link to the post?

I don’t


i can’t see the images because i’m at a public library ( i dont have wifi) and they blocked DeviantArt.

That I can’t do much about…

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well duh. i’m just saying its a shame i cant see the art work.

Yeah I also agree with this. For quite a while I thought it was canon, I mean they had headlights, were bio-organic, had some type of muscular structure and mouths, just felt it made sense.

(The mouths is because, why add mouths when they could of just had some kind of internal speaker system (think chappie, Wall-E, EVE) unless it was needed for something else, like eating, or at least breathing?

well in one of the early commercials there was a bionicle on a beach being build and he had lungs inflating when took his first breath. and what did you mean by headlights? i’m assuming you referring to something else.

Ah, stupid autocorrect, meant heart lights, quite a few theories/diagrams I’ve seen show heart lights to be connected to their hearts, flashing in tandem with its beating. Also interesting, don’t think I’ve seen that commercial, gotta link or has it been lost to the depths of the Internet?

i’ll look but no promises

Thanks, do as you are able!

Yes I am pretty sure this is how they are, organic on the inside and robotic on the outside.

I believe this drawing is the closest thing to the official Bionicle anatomy we’ve ever got to see. It’s a concept art for The Mask of Light and there’s also an alternate version of it with the additional shells of armour included.

Not really, a heart light glows continuously when a being is alive and only starts to flicker as they’re dying.

Theories, I was talking of theories/fan diagrams, quite a lot of them show the heart light connected to the heart and it is quite plausible, Lhikans started to beat slower as he died, similar to ones own and I don’t see why it wouldn’t, thanks for the pics though, always love to find new ones.

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I believe you are referring to Vhrano’s fan-made film of Pohatu’s arrival. The official promo videos only showed LEGO parts.

We know they at least have organic systems like lungs, so I think it’s safe to say that they have at least partially organic brains as well. I mean, if their AI was completely comprised of wires and circuitry, why the heck would the GBs make them dependent on breathing, or give them organic… well, organs? It just wouldn’t make sense.

Of course, Greg’s made it clear that he’s never going to outright explain the details of Matoran brains, but I’m more than ok with that: It lets us form our own conclusions, and Bionicle needs more mystery anyway.

Ever seen @Scorpion_Strike 's how to make a toa (or matoran) topic? That one has a pretty interesting idea for how the brains might work.