BIONICLE P&P RPG; The New Legends

Over the last year I have been expanding my old DnD homebrew. After showing it to a smaller part of the community, I feel confident and happy to give The New Legends more public release. The rules are set a few hundred years after the reforming of Spherus Magna to allow for more creativity in building adventures featuring elements from all three splinter planets. I do plan on updating and adjusting the rules and adding new future content, but as of now this is a highlight of the game features:

-Matoran, Agori, Toa, Glatorian and Skakdi playable species
-Light survival elements in form of weapon, gear and equipment crafting
-Building and using a variety of different vehicles
-A large selection of Rahi and Bara Magna creatures in the bestiary
-Taming and domesticating of a a few select creatures
-Backgrounds, Feats, Powers, Skills and many other options to customise characters
-Plenty of rules and ideas to create a world full of Bionicle adventures

If this sparks your interest, I encourage you to look over the rules on dropbox. If you have any critiques, ideas or future content suggestions, feel free to DM me. While I do already have notes and ideas for new additions, I’d like to get as much feedback as possible to build a solid foundation for the future. Feedback regarding combat balance is especially important at this early stage. Instead of creating new topics or links, I will keep updates only to this post.


Character sheet:

Changelog V0.3, 26.02.21:

Gather a few friends to play a short game or two, leave feedback, and maybe even tell your friends about the game if you enjoy it. Thank you for your attention, and I hope to play a game with you soon!


Wow this is kinda overwhelming (the sheer size of the rules) especially for someone who doesn’t d&d,I have a question is this a game played IRL, if so that means I cannot play for I only have one friend who likes Bionicle, if not, what would it be played on because you allude to a ‘board’ and ‘dice’

i really hope that I didn’t miss the answers to those questions in the rules, if I did, sorry

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There are countless ways to play online, ranging across all spectrums of availability and price. It could be as simple as Google Dice and Discord, or you can use higher quality chatting platforms and virtual tabletops for battle maps. You could even just use Play-by-Post methods and a dice bot.

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I guess that makes sense

I get that this can be overwhelming, especially on a first read. But any TRPG has a learning curve, and after playing one or two games it will be much easier to understand. Winger pretty much explained it, but if you have any questions I will be glad to help you.

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Excellent work! Very flavorful, I’m interested to see where this goes.