First off

Lets start with the changes from the old socket joints

The new ones are smoother, and you cannot put another socket in it and connect it by axle through the socket part

the old ones had more detail, and you could do the latter

what a strange and stupid change, unnecessary, and most of all


The joints themselves feel cheaper, and so, are weaker

they can break super easily, which leads to a lot fear amongst attempting to take off limbs
Drop a set, and you are doomed.

there are chances of it not breaking, but there is no hope left

the joints sucked

These joints are unacceptable.
0/10 no redeeming qualities other then having the smooth texture.


I actually prefer the look of the newer joints to be honest, even if they were prone to breaking.

They looked much sleeker and less blocky.

The lack of those "textured" sides meant that you wouldn't have to see the red/blue pins inside the piece.

It provided more friction than the regular joints (at least before it breaks).

Even then, at least the quality wasn't as bad as the lime sockets shivers. I have plenty of 08 joints that are still usable.

You actually can, though it takes a bit more effort.

Overall, the newer joint had many good concepts and ideas, but every pro is brought down by the fragility of the socket. It would've been a better, fresher piece if it wasn't for that IMO.

We need a business that makes replacement parts for those joint pieces.

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I think that new joint is actually stronger than those that came before it. Only one or two out of my many new joints have cracked, and only barely cracked.

I actually had had an idea for Lego to create a parts pack of all the old Bionicle socket pieces, except with the new style socket. Probably won't happen though.

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Objectively, this is false. I'm glad you've had better luck than most, but as a whole it's a lot weaker.

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