BIONICLE Part Names--Looking for Help

Hi! I’m relatively new to the TTV forums; I actually only just created my account to try to find some information. I’ve been digging through a box of my old BIONICLE sets and pieces to try to put together some of the original sets. Glad I kept them around, but some of them are far from complete, and frustratingly, I don’t know the names of all the parts. Masks and weapons are easy enough, but it’s the generic ones that are giving me trouble–most notably, the long, phillips-screwdriver-shaped rods commonly used in staff-like weapons, such as those of the Rahkshi and 2003 Takanuva. I’ve tried search terms such as “rod,” “staff,” “stick,” and “bar,” but nothing comes up on BrickLink–does anyone know what these pieces were actually called, or how I might find them otherwise?

The “rods” are called axles


Aaaaaaaand it looks like BrickLink has 'em, too! Thanks for the help; I don’t think I ever would’ve come up with it myself.

(Additionally, anyone know what these are officially called?)

(I’ve tried axle connector, hub, etc, but nothing with the keyword “axle” appears to get results)

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Those grey things are called bushes (or something like that)


Bushings, to be exact


Ah, thanks for the clarification.

Find the set that the part belongs to on BrickLink and check the parts inventory.


This site will help you a lot with finding the right parts.

Bushings is their general term, the small ones are called 1/2 Bushings.