Bionicle: Phase 1, Get Ready for Phase 2! (Bionicle/Marvel Mash-Up)

Hey, Oonie here with something very, very special!
If any of you guys know of my work on YouTube, or follow what I do on there, you might have heard about a certain 'super-super-super secret project.' Well, at last it is finished, and it's here!
Before you check it out, I would advise watching Marvel's Phase 1 & 2 - A Look Back first, if you haven't seen it already.

You've seen it right? Well, when I first saw this video two months ago, there was one quote that got me thinking "They'll come back, because we'll need them to." My initial thought was the Bionicle Community (of course), and how the fans were slowly coming back as hints of the new Bionicle arose. Much like the comparison of Ninjago songs and Bionicle in my other topic, I started to envision a couple of other connections and comparisons.
So then I got to work, and now, the result of months of hard work have finally paid off. It's not perfect, and far from professional quality, but I put heart and soul (and a few easter eggs *wink) into it to make this the best it can be. Without further ado, I present to you..................................

Bionicle: Phase 1, Get Ready for Phase 2!

I hope you all enjoy, and keep on keeping the legend of the Bionicle alive!
#Bionicle2015! Unity, Duty, Destiny!


Dang. Some of the audio/video match-ups work really well! Great job!


DUDE!!!!!!! This is SOOO awesome!!!! I don't even have words...... Thank you! I can't wait 'till phase 2!

                            ~Stay Freaking Classy~
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The editing and idea was amazing. smiley The audio edits stood out badly but they were only occasional. wink


Those were so tough to do. This was literally my first time working with some of the video/audio effects used!


I think it's hilarious when there's a "badly" edited audio thing. Like Tony saying I am Omega Tahu. It cracks me up.

Anyways, great job! Love both Marvel and Bionicle, so this was a double bonus =D


Awesome! Very nice work.

Ir wasn't how you did them, it's just that type of edit makes it sound out of place, but like BioRaiders532 said it can make it more comedic as well. wink

That was really awesome!

"I am-OMEGA TAHU" that was freakin hilarious

It's beautiful