Bionicle Photography w/ 100% more ocean

Photography... Kind of.
Took these on spring break and never quite got around to uploading them.

Resonance of the waves

A lost voyager

Hunting the surf

An ally

The ever-present shadow

A past untold

And that's it. Thoughts?


these are great pictures man smile


These are so cool!!

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The last couple ones are my favorite, they just feel right and look great.

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Very nice, Gar.

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The one with the Skull Spider is my favourite. Did you make that hole, or was it natural?

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I feel sorry for those pieces, being drowned in sand... but that aside, these are some really good photo's. Like the posing of Gali looking out over the sea :3


Like the photos with Piruk Poj best.

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Very cool indeed.

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You did a really good job of creating a sense of scale--you can almost believe that these are pics of life-sized beings rather than tiny plastic toys.


Surprisingly, Piruk was the only one who actually ended up sandy! ;D

I don't know for certain if it was natural, but it was there before I arrived.

Thanks everyone! I had no idea I'd come home to find 25 likes. That's pretty crazy for one day!


Nice job! The last few are my favorites.

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Seeing that picture of the Protector of Jungle with his mask off in the water made me anxious for a second... You could have easily lost that mask if the wave came in!


These are great photos. My favourite is the Gali one

As a fellow photographer, it's great when you can get a figure into their element. In Hunting the Surf, that white onion-skin thing kinda looks like a mask.

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Where were these took I'd love to visit this beach someday.

They were taken on Galveston Island during my spring break trip to Houston.

It's a nice beach, albeit kind of messy. Good for photography though!

i love the one with the jungle protector and the skull spider it's just so niceley made i wish i had that rock for a display

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These are some pretty Fantasti-cool™ photos! smile

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Yes! Someone else took photos of them on a beach! These look really cool!

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