bionicle photography

check them out pllase leave constructive critiscism

edit16/2/18: new setof four added every week from now


These all look pretty cool! Good work.

Pretty neat! How did you get the water effect for Gahlok’s pictures?

You have some interesting shots, but not many of them feel dynamic. This is something that really stood out to me with Lerahk; he’s just kinda standing there. The poses being a bit more static works well with some of the more interesting poses and shots; notably Lewa, the close-up of Skull Slicer and especially Vezon, Jaller, and Fenrakk. But with Lerahk, well… he’s just kinda there.

That being said, a lot of these look really cool - the last one with Vezon, Jaller and Fenrakk is definitely my favorite. The framing gives me a kind of vertigo just from looking at it - makes me feel sorry for Jaller.

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Very nice shots, kept me interested the whole time.

I agree, the rahkshi one is very simple and dull.

thanks for the feedback i will keep that in mind when i take more pictures.

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These are really amazing. Great water effects!

My favourites here are Lewa in the tree and Jalla on the edge of the cliff. The other ones don’t really stand out to me; the main reason being the camera angle. Due most of the photos placing the camera above the Bionicle it looks very small, and doesn’t create the illusion that it’s anything but a toy. Try getting some angles which are eye level or below eye level to the Bionicle; this will give it a more commanding presence and make it seem much larger. The two in which you have used this technique don’t really take advantage of the environment, and so the effect is lessened.

Still though, I love that Lewa photo. The way you’ve got the camera peering out from behind a branch and looking up at him works really well.

Thanks for the feedback @Ozkabot ill keep that in mind when i do the next set tomorrow

The Jaller pic is my favorite
Doesn’t Gahlok have an orange krana?

@Mavrah yes but one, i lost my orange krana and two, he just got it from his bohrok va so it is still dormant.

@Styrofoam i used a jet of water from a hose and bounced it off an angled stone hope that helps.

Wow… These look really good…