Bionicle playsets

As a guy who has the playsets, they are all a bit meh in my opinion.

They look nice on display though.

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@Rockho it was a really old lamp so it gave of alot of heat.

@Clone_01354_Productions I think my logic was that it “charges” like a battery or something so if I put it longer under a light it would glow longer

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I really liked the playsets, unfortunately, I only ever got the special 2006 ‘Race for the Mask of Life’ one.

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A long time ago I got an 05 playset I already had for Christmas. So I gave the extra I got to my brother.

Don’t ask me which one it was. I cannot remember off the top of my head.

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They werent that good, specially the last wave where they reused a lot of head molds.

actually, the big sets weren’t all that bad
Battle for Metru Nui, Piraka Outpost and the toa terrain crawler were pretty solid looking sets


I had two of the Playsets, both of which are horrendous. '06’s Lava Chamber Gate had a terrible build with the two towers not having any point of connection between each other and '05’s Visorak Battle Ram did not look good at all (in my opinion).


I would want them for the masks.

I think this topic deserves a revive, the playsets were actually really cool in my opinion. I have two of the '06 sets; piraka outpost and lava chamber gate. And the toa terrain crawler and toa undersea attack from '07.

Having an actual environment and large scale vehicles and creatues is pretty sweet, as we miss out on that with regular bionicle sets. Not all of them are canon I’m sure, but they don’t have to be canon to be cool. I get a complete set of toa and piraka between the two '06 sets, each with their own head mold. Lets take a look at a couple:

I love these little dudes. They’re not perfect representations of their canister selves, but they’re pretty good for this small scale. They’re pretty poseable, with waist articulation, arms and wrists, and turnable heads. Which in contrast to '05’s one-piece figures, is a pretty big step up. Unfortunately, due to what I assume to be budget constraints, '07 reused a lot of head molds. Making for some odd looking figures in relation to their full size counterparts. there are some pretty nice looking ones, though.

I’d also like to bring up some of the big chunky pieces these things came with, like this giant mask or these gray bases:

Not everyone is a fan of these, but I like them. They add a certain charm if you ask me, and that mask is just straight up boss. The terrain crawler is just one of my favorite sets in general, like check this thing out:

It actually has a spot in the storyline, and in the mahri mini-movie. It’s also just really cool looking if you ask me. The set includes all 6 toa, 4 barraki, two sea creatures under the barraki’s control, a little scooter thing, an assortment of ammo, and a jellyfish in addition to the crawler itself, making it loads of fun to me. The undersea attack is similarly packed with 6 figures, 2 more sea creatures, another scooter thing, more ammo, and a toa submarine. All this together makes for an awesome scene, which could be enhanced even further by throwing the barraki deepsea patrol set (which I don’t own) into the mix.
And these are just the ones I happen to own, there’s plenty more out there. Some that stand out to me are the piraka stronghold, battle of metru nui,race for the mask of life, and visorak’s gate.

While they may not be the average bonkle fan’s cup of tea, I like them quite a bit.


I had the Visorak’s Gate, Battle of Metru Nui, and Piraka Outpost. I always wanted more of them. Mainly for more minifig-sized Toa.

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Yeah, I got the Piraka Stronghold and Race of the Mask of Life as a kid and loved them both. Lots of playability value and still could be fit into the lore nicely for a kid who had a decent understanding of the story.

I had a Visorak Battle Ram that I got second hand, and it pales in comparison to all the other awesome playsets…sure it’s got a battering ram and a catapult, but its just a regular visorak with a system tower slapped on top

Honestly, the only one I really like is the 2007 Terrain Crawler. The others are ok, but nothing more.

the thing that bothered me about the others was the minifigs

too many recolors not enough new one’s like 06

Yeah, ehlek with kalmah’s head in particular doesn’t work that well, but it doesn’t bother me a huge deal. what I wonder though is why the undersea attack came with a blue mantax. the regular black mantax and blue takadox where both in the other two sets, so why is there a blue one there? There’s also this guy right here who also came with the set, but like mantax and takadox, hewkii was featured in both of the other '07 sets. so I just consider this a carapar minifig.

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The 07 minifigs are weird. I think we can all agree on it.