Bionicle Poster Project

Hello TTV fans,
I am very interested in Photoshop, technology, 3D printing, and the like. How is this relevant? Well, then Eurobricks user Toa Leewan sent me a bunch of stl files to 3D print, I was overjoyed. I decided to photoshop the Protector of Ice, showcasing his new part, in an icy environment as gratitude for his generosity. I figured that this kind of thing is actually quite fun, and I then continued to do it for some other characters, as you can see below. Thus, the Bionicle Poster Project was born. This is my attempt to render the original and new characters in a more "lifelike" setting. You may notice that most of the characters in the pictures are modified, but I tried to stick as close to the original aesthetic as possible (with the exception of the Protectors). Starting now, if anyone is interested, I will take suggestions as to what characters to depict in their "natural" environment next. If I do not have the specific character, feel free to take a picture of the set for me against a plain background. If you want to do a MOC in this style, feel free to attach a clear picture of the MOC and a description of what background you want it in.

Anyway, without further ado, here's the pictures! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Comments and criticism welcome! Again, I'm really passionate about this, so feel free to post a high res pic of a MOC in the comments and a description of the setting and I will be willing to do it for you!


this is all sorts of gorgeous


They are all very nice.

these are pretty cool

I would buy these.

If I had money cry


You take requests...?
Could you photoshop ids' movie Makuta into a MoL esque background?


I love that Matoro one.

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They're amazing!

These are amazing! I love the attention to detail while still making it so the characters are the spotlight. Great work!

So good. I like the Matoro one.
Now I want to make a poster again...

There's talent here, but I think you go overboard on a lot of these. I particularly dislike the Ice Protector and Matoro ones

@Calvatron Thanks for the comments! I'll keep that in mind.

@noob1234 On it, doing it right now... Did you make that? That's awesome!

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Nah, unfortunately... That would be @Ids5621

@legozebra can you do this?

Can you do this please.............................................................................?????????????????????????????????????????


Sure. The weapon is cut off in the pic, if that's ok. I assume you want the H logo to glow. I'll stick him in the HF Villain storage if you don't mind, as you didn't specify where to put him.

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Sounds awesome! thanks!

Here it is!



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Wow.... wow... wow... wow...
Ser merch ersermners....

Could you maybe do a poster of this?

With him in a snow storm or something?