Bionicle Rahi Bio: The Leviathan

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Today I am presenting my bio on an original Rahi, meant to be the main antagonist for the first act of my Bionicle Fan Fiction. For anyone interested, you may click on this link to read the first three chapters!

On to the Bio!

Name: The Leviathan
Species: N/A (Only one of its kind)
Homeland: N/A (Frequent ocean dweller)
Affiliations: The Great Beings, Tren Krom, Mata Nui, various Rahi
Powers and Abilities: Control over fire and water, the ability to create or destroy islands, telepathic control over any Rahi, extreme strength and intelligence, telepathy, able to speak and understand Matoran and Rahi
Status: Alive, but otherwise unknown
Personality: Split, destructive and creative, malicious and benevolent

The Leviathan was created by the Great Beings and meant to serve the purpose of regulating the robot Mata Nui’s internal structure of islands. Should an island no longer serve any use or become insufficiently populated by Matoran workers to keep Mata Nui functioning, it was the Leviathan’s task to destroy that island. As well, the Leviathan was charged with replacing destroyed islands and forming new ones. To form the islands, the Great Beings used a portion of the power from the Elemental Lords of Fire and Water and infused them into one being, creating a dual personality for the creature. The fire side created lava and heat that both destroyed islands or could combine with the gentler water side to form new ones. The Leviathan also possessed telepathic control over any other creature so as to move life forms to new islands and populate them.

Originally the beast was single minded and only focused on its give task, but after millennia of destroying and creating islands and using its telepathic abilities to relocate Rahi, the Leviathan began to increase in intelligence. It began to take an interest in the Rahi and Matoran lifestyles that evolved on the islands it created and remembered and mourned the destruction of non-functional islands. Eventually the Leviathan began briefly residing on the islands it created and learned to speak the Matoran language as well as the Rahi language. Its intellect grew far more advanced than almost any other being, save Mata Nui himself.

After creating a new island in the southern portion of the Matoran universe, the Leviathan took pride in its work. It decided to live there permanently and return after any expeditions to do its job. Using its powers, it attracted large numbers of Rahi to share in its new home. After thousands of years of living in peace, Matoran from far away lands began to make their homes on the island. At first the Leviathan welcomed them, with the Matoran even naming the island Una-Nui after the creature, two powers fused into one. That was until the newcomers began clearing the island of lakes, forests, eroding mountains, and trapping Rahi. The Leviathan became enraged and its hatred for the Matoran grew, and its destructive side grew so powerful that it took full control. It tried to drive them off Una-Nui several times, but to no avail. Eventually the Matoran all settled in one village near the shore, and the Leviathan never gave up. It abused its power over the Rahi to coerce them to unknowingly do its bidding, constantly attacking the village with invasions. Then, out of nowhere, four Toa warriors arrived on the island, creating resistance to the Leviathan’s Rahi and tracking their movements and patterns. In an effort to stop them, the Leviathan took complete control over the minds of the Rahi, ready to launch its ultimate attack and regain its home.

And that’s where my story leaves off!

Well I hope you enjoyed that! It seems just slightly convoluted, but I think it makes just enough sense to fit in with 1 cannon. Anyways, let me know what you think, and also read and comment on my story here!

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Wow. Good write, good read. Very cool.

He shoud be a sort of hidden protagonist, not an antagonist. By that I mean that all the characters in the story consider him an antagonist, but the writing of the story itself puts him in the light of a protagonist, just as the intro did. Otherwise wlawless :smile: