Bionicle Rahi MOC. The Ӎanathos


The Ӎanathos are rahi creatures that habit the forests near some river in Artoria. They have an enormous size and are endowed with a strong armor that covers all their body with the exception of the abdomen. They have six limbs, four of which end in tip and use them to move, the remaining two are powerful tweezers used to grab objects or catch other rahi.
Despite their intimidating aspect, the manathos are quite calm and peaceful if they aren’t provoked, but they respond with a brutal attack towards which it tries to damage them. Only the Zyakra ( and some superior Bionicle are able to face them. They feed mainly on fallen logs that take weeks to digest or some giant river algaes. All Manathos are asexual at birth, they develop their sexual organ upon reaching adulthood, becoming hermaphrodites and being able to procreate with any other individual of their species.
They are often seen in the hottest hours on the banks of the rivers with several Gahuk ( pecking in their shell for insects.

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Nice moc, but can it stand on all four legs without the stand

Yes, but it is so difficult to pose

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That head is giving off some kalmah vibes. The rest of the moc looks great as well

Legs might need to be a bit thicker

It’s nice to see a Rahi different from the norm. The four legs and design of the arms is already alien enough, though the inclusion of the trans blue really sets it apart from any Rahi I’ve seen thus far. The colors themselves compliment each other very well, all making for a very striking and interesting MOC.

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This looks amazing. Like something I’ve been trying to prototype for a while now actually.

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I understand the difficult of four leg builds, I had to add friction add-ons and have the angle locked up against the body. But love you point design, but good idea with the stand. Saves from the points of contact from bending or warping, like mine ended up doing. Great job thou, look forward to your next.

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I love the build and how the color scheme incorporates trans light blue. The use of the IFB cocoon piece on the back is very creative.

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Awesome moc looks great like the concept of a man spider thing I tried but failed used a lot of my parts to building him ended taking him apart

Getting some heavy Nidhiki vibes, which is good. I feel like Nidhiki isn’t giving enough love. The four legs and claw arms just remind me of him. I give it a 10/10, and I love the custom head. Your use of the barraki jaws is another thing I feel isn’t done enough. I would if I had any lol

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I just love the unique look of it.

The Rahi is very strange. I really don’t know what to think the colors are pretty cool. It’s like a mutated crayfish.
However there are a few flaws. It needs a stand, those legs are horrible.