Bionicle Rahi Moc Windchill (Recolored)

So I decided to recolor Windchill from the green version seen here

Windchill (Old version)

I I also changed a little of it’s nature as well, now it is a Ice elemental Bird that use the echo location to move around sins it is blind, I also decided that it can be found all over Tora-Nui and not just in the region of ice Ko-Tora.
Every thing ells is staying the same though.

With this said here is the new look for Windchill.

(P.S Windchill’s name come from a fake pokemon I came up with though do not have any drawing skills what so over so I just did a pokedex entry for it and made a description of how it looks in it)

Final Picture

Thanks for me :slight_smile:


Looks pretty cool.

Did you beat Moon yet? We can trade stuff, if you want some of my Sun exclusives.

First. Thanks.

Second: yeah I have, though I got pokemon sun as well, in order to get the sun exclusives and so I could replay the game with out losing my team, (and just the other day I decided to get pokebank so now I have sent most of my WiFi battle ready pokemon to my Moon game) Thanks for the offer though.

Oh. Okay then.

Can we still battle sometime?

I don´t have Pokebank RIP my soul, would you help a poor soul such as myself?

Sure we can always do battle though not right now have work in the morning and have to go get ready to sleep. (almost midnight over here)

Also I use my pokemon X game for breeding and have most of my pokemon there, so if you need a pokemon I will see what I can do. but it might take some time for me to get it, (I have also moved most of the pokemon I planned to breed over to my Moon game So I can always breed a pokemon with a good nature there for you but if you want a Fire Vulpix, ground Sandrew or a normal Raichu I will have to get them from my pokemon X game, and that might take a couple of day’s sins I have work and so on most of the time.

Nice, my timezone is different than yours, so we´ll have to work it out.

I heard you have Pokebank? Could I send you my ORAS shinies so you send them to your Sun/Moon and then trade them back to me? Pleeeeeease?