Bionicle Rahkshi Moc - Final Redo

here it is the last redo fixed the color scheme and armor and no more gun metal


Looks nicer but put something behind those lower legs please


here is a pic of kopaka 2016 vs rakshi 2016 final

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Looks good, but that near-broken ankle bothers me.


You fixed it.
Groovy man.

this will be my final version of this moc i will stop posting redos for it so don’t hate please just a reminder

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I don’t think that can be fixed…

That’s the travesty about it.

Um I was saying you fix it, it looks good.
Here’s a GIF of approval.

i wasn’t talking to you i was talking in general

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Oh, well I got to post a GIF so okay.

Looks pretty neat!

I like it :smile:

thank you for not being a nit picker

Better than the 2010 rahkshi by a tonne


This is a good build, but for Rahkshi he’s too bulky, in my opinion.

looks like an awesome G2 Rahkshi

lego pls make G2 Rahkshi

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So much more impressive than the previous versions. This is really well done.

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Nice! You really did fix it, and it looks pretty great! I like how you still retain the look of the original Rahkshi!

Nice job! :smiley:

Seems interesting but also a bit basic