Bionicle: Regeneration early Toa Designs

Hello! I’m sorta developing a Bionicle AU called Bionicle: Regeneration (Regen for short). here are some early pixel art designs of three Toa, Tahu Pohatu and Onua!

EDIT: Here are the rest of the Toa!


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These look really good! I especially like Tahu’s cape

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I quite like the initial aesthetic, however the sprites do seem a wee bit copy-pasty. Don’t get me wrong, visual consistency is important, especially for members of the same race, team et.c. but these sprites don’t feel unique enough from one another and instead look like recolors of something found off the web.

That said, it’s nothing a good posing and shading can’t fix, and ultimately, I do like the direction you’re going with if these are indeed created by you from the ground up.

Also, you might want to make Gali’s outline a bit darker. It doesn’t stand out nearly as much as it should

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