BIONICLE Reiterated Auditions: S2 Cast List Finalized and Art Signups Open!

after seeing that the role for Umarak the Hunter/Destroyer was open, I decided to try out for the role, this be my audition.


Hello what is a minor role that I could audition for


I would like to hone my voice acting mega skills and become a part of this in a limited capacity

AKA sign me up 4 minor role pls



do artists get paid


There's actually several background characters that only have one line, or very few in Episodes 10 and 13, and I was going to reach out to you guys for cameo roles anyway. If you're up for that, I can go ahead and send you invites to the Reiterated cast server on Discord.

No, but I'll happily accept your help if you're offering it. It would all be background work, so landscapes and interiors type of stuff. If you're up for it, I can extend the same Discord invite to you as I would be to Invi and Meso.

ya sure fam



Yeah same


Invites have been sent on Discord! Happy to have you two aboard!

Finally, here is my Umarak, Hunter and Destroyer, audition.

Also, Stone Okotian:

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my terrible video skillz


'Oly crap, I actually feel these fit better than the canon.

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Id also be happy to do minor character's again. Unfortunately, i do not have access to the discord app at the moment, but hopefully that will change soon (once i get a job).

I want to help. I'll audition for everything. What is my deadline?

Auditions for Season 2 will be open until April 20th. By 9 AM or so on April 21st, no new voice auditions will be accepted, however, art signups will continue.

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For reference, i will still be using my auditions from post 103

I'll offer my drawing services.

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Hello, there is my audition:

EDIT: If you think my voice would be useful for another character than Fire Okotian, that would be great, too!

As of this post, auditions for Season 2 are closed. The new additions to the cast will be announced in the coming days. Thank you to all who auditioned!

Art signups will continue, however, so if you feel you're an artsy person that could help out, go ahead and say you're willing to join the project!


And the results are in!

Thought it'd take me at least two days to figure out who would be who, but, there were significantly fewer parts to shift through this time around. Thanks to @Levva, @KAI_BORG, @Runa, @Whaddon, @JediTimeLord824, @DarkTakanuva, and @Filo for auditioning. I was given some wonderful stuff to sort through, but unfortunately, not everyone could make the cut. So, let's get into it!

First up:

Fire Okotian
The person that got this part gave me a large range of voices, but his natural speaking voice ended up being what I latched onto.

Nuhrii will be voiced by KAI_BORG.

Stone Okotian
No one actually auditioned for this role, so I had to assign this one based on auditions for other characters. A note that this will require the Australian accent, so if you can't do one, Jitil can probably give you a crash course considering he's both Pohatu and Nilkuu.

Kivi will be voiced by Runa.

This one was the most auditioned for character, and it was VERY close between two different people for who would get the part. It ended up coming down to the voice for Umarak the Destroyer, as I loved how close both sounded to the original voice actor when it came to the Hunter. The deciding factor ended up being that one audition was very similar sounding to the Hunter voice from Journey to One while at the same time providing a unique spin, and his Destroyer voice wasn't as over-the-top as the other continder.

Umarak the Hunter and Umarak the Destroyer will be voiced by DarkTakanuva.

Outsider Stone Okotian
I saved the big one for last. You might be wondering how this character can possibly be of more importance than Umarak, but there's a reason I've left the Okotian names blank up until now. There were a couple auditions for this part, but as I listened and compared, I knew I had to do something I didn't want to do, and I absolutely do not mean offence when it comes to the voice actor who got the part. When I started the audition process for Season 2, I told myself I wouldn't cast Season 1 actors in the new parts unless nobody new auditioned. I wanted to do this to keep the cast feeling fresh and not a bunch of people playing different characters, but after listening to the auditions, one stood out above the rest as the voice leaping from script page to ear canal. If you haven't been able to guess yet, Jitil will voice...

Congrats to the new people joining the cast! It's great having you aboard. In the next few days, you'll be given invites to the Reiterated Cast Discord server, which is where we'll be recording. If you don't have a Discord, it's free, so go ahead and sign up.

The same goes to you art people. If you're an artist and still want to join up, you can. Just say so and you'll get the same invite.

Production keeps on rolling along!


Unexpected but definitely appreciated!

I honestly didn't expect to get a part once better sounding people signed up for Umarak, so this is a very welcome surprise!