BIONICLE Reiterated Auditions: S2 Cast List Finalized and Art Signups Open!

So, as we all know, G2 didn't end well. All of G2's story telling in general was very poor. Since it's cancellation nearly a year ago, I have been working on rectifying that. Enter: BIONICLE Reiterated. As the name says, I am retelling the G2 story, but making sure that it makes sense this time. It will consist of three seasons, and I need voice talent to help make this project become reality. Ever wanted to be a Toa? Well, now may be your chance.

What you need to audition:
Upload a YouTube video and link it here in this topic. You can audition for any of the listed characters below that aren't already taken, and can audition for multiple characters. Your audio quality combined with your voice will help determine if you get a part or not. Give me 15-30 seconds of audio per character so I can get a sense of how the voice sounds. Characters don't really have to say anything specific, I just need to hear the voice in action. No specific mic is required, just good sounding audio. As little background noise as possible, so record in something like a closet with low ceilings if possible.

I'll probably let this run through the end of August, so send in your auditions!


whenever you want a spanish 18 years old guy you know how to call me


Why do the stone people have to have Austrailian accents :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want a dude who can do an abnormally high pitched voice call me.

I would like to audition for Tahu, maybe? What quality of mic is required?

No specific type of mic is required. Just decent sounding audio.


If you need a 16 year old with a lot of voice acting talent I'll be here

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Hope this turns out good for you. Sounds good

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A lot of information can be found up above.

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D'oh. Thanks!

I will probably create a video auditioning for several roles when i get home from school.
Probably like Kulta, Slicer, basher and i can try Pohatu. Granted i dont think i have much of an Australian accent but on the flip side im Australian so maybe i just dont notice it.

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I'll try out for skull slicer. Via a discord channel.

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Is there anything in particular you want us to say in our addition im thinking about doing the protector of air or the okatian of air and I don't know what to say

There isn't anything specific that I need the characters to say. Maybe recite the Prophecy of Heroes or something, or say something along the lines of "I am ____, Protector of ____, and _______".

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Id love to try out for kopaka or the skull basher. Ill see what I can do tomorrow.

EDIT: Oh, instead of kopaka, ill try out for izotor, the ice protector.

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So, here you go. Make of this what you will. Any constrictive criticism is welcome.


Your voice is amazing. I cant even describe how much it is....

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Uh, thanks. I like my voice too, I guess. :relaxed:

Fair. I don't even know what my voice inspiration was for him. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Solely because of Scott McNeil's tahu(mol) I feel like your tahu is lacking bass.

Which doesn't make it bad by any means, it just doesn't match the voice I have for him in my head.

5 Likes this is my Voice audition for Tahu Master of fire


Ooo, competition, me likey. XD

Its up to @prentice1215 to decide who's better.

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