BIONICLE Reiterated Auditions: S2 Cast List Finalized and Art Signups Open!

Dang it! I was so looking for another chance to try out for the part of Makuta. Well, there's always next time.

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I may be able to do an ok Australian accent, but it may just sound like "OI MAITE, WAHLCOME TO THAH LAHND DAWEN UNDAH. SHRIMP ON THEH BAHBIE"


nice, my post was removed, now Ill never know if thats what australians sound like,

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Hang on, why is Eljay on the list? I see a distinct lack of Eljay posts in this topic.

You are Patreon, which means you have access to the Patreon chat, which means Eljay possibly joined up there, but clarification on both your parts would be appreciated.

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Do you have a specific vision in mind of what you would like Kulta to sound like? I'd be happy to audition from him as I've got an idea of what I could do for him, but just wanted to hear your thoughts first.

I contacted Eljay privately through the MB PM system awhile ago where he agreed to voice Lewa.

I don't have a specific idea for what Kulta is supposed to sound like. I'm open to interpretation on him.


Hmm. I might audition for him too.

Managed to dig up the video you sent, and, while hilarious, it did violate some MB rules, which is why a mod removed it.

That was certainly over-the-top Australian and not necessarily what I'm looking for.


Oh man. Since a long time I wanted to voice Makuta. Maybe next time.

Could a really good impression of Junkrat from Overwatch work?

For Pohatu, no. Nilkuu or any other Po-Kotain I'm open to though.

How should I submit my audition?

Most anything related to the auditions can be found above.

This is my Narmoto audition if you are interested. I tried not to do a Vakama voice, but it kinda sounds like one. You be the judge.

Sorry if you cringe a bit.

Here you go: I did use my Junkrat impression for it. Sorry if it was a bit long. Feel free, prentice1215, to use this for any Po-okotans you'd feel would suit it if you liked it and that is my MOC as the thumbnail in case you were wondering.


Nice to finally hear your voice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hope you make it.

Thanks, and again, that was me doing an impression of Junkrat from Overwatch.

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I mean... It is still your voice

My bad...I'll delete that post and move it to a PM if you like.

Yeah we should