BIONICLE Reiterated Auditions: S2 Cast List Finalized and Art Signups Open!

So, @prentice1215 , you are deciding the winners at the end of August, right?

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As long as a steady stream of auditions come in, I'll keep it open until the end of August and announce the cast in early September for a late September, early October release. If things dry up after a while and people stop auditioning, I might close auditions sooner.


Good to know that, I'm trying some voices out myself, depending on if I'm satisfied with them I may post an audition for kopaka, and/or slicer, and/or kulta.

I'm really picking up on some diverse, passionate voices here. So far, it looks like an intriguing project; I'm planning on recording a couple of separate auditions tonight. As a quick note, I could also help you out with any graphic design or with getting the word out if need be. :stuck_out_tongue:

Out of curiosity, do you have already have a script all written out?

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The scripting process took place between October of 2016 and January of 2017. Filming lasted from May 2017 to June 2017, 95% of the visual effects are completed and I'm currently working on creating backgrounds for the characters to appear in since it was all filmed on blue & green screen.

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Ah, I can get that. To be honest, I wasn't sure if you were filming beforehand or not. I'm all for the decision to script and film well in advance.

Thank you for taking the time to do this, man. It's a serious project, and I can pretty much guarantee that all of us have a lot of respect for the undertaking. Here's my audition for Tahu. Just got a new mic, and I'm still playing around with the levels in Audacity; my intro at the start where I announce what I'm doing is much more representative of what my audio quality will sound like. Please avoid sharing this video outside the site for now. Thanks!

EDIT: The video appears to be non-existent, but clicking on the thumbnail should take you to its location.



Three new auditions from me, being Kulta, Kopaka, and Pohatu:

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Is there a script or topics or something to actually talk about or should we just make it up on our own.

The implication here is that any of the characters can say anything as part of a person's audition. Bear in mind that there is a script for the series, which prentice says is currently finished up.

@JediTimeLord824, I can't seem to find/listen to any of your audition - it's looking as though the links that you provided simply redirect to YouTube's home page. Are the videos public?

Strange. It went straight to it for me. I'll check if they're public or not, but I had to post them from my tablet as I do not currently have access to my computer. That might be it.

EDIT: Well, they are public. I'll try to fix it some other way.

The scripts for Season 1 are finished, as is filming. I'm still in planning stages for Season 2 & 3 however. My fault for not being clear enough. There's no way I could have filmed three seasons of show in one summer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for clearing things up while I was away, though.

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That's weird, yeah. I can access them from your channel via your Tahu audition, and the links for each appear to be identical. Among the things that you could try is creating a playlist, and linking to that.

Solid work on all of them, as a note.

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For what it's worth the links work for me.
I think you're pohatu is solid,
We basically have the same voice for kulta,
I don't want to sound narcissistic, but I do kinda prefer my own kopaka.


Here's my initial take and audition for Kulta. Didn't even realize @JediTimeLord824 posted his before I went to record this one, looks like (or sounds, rather) we had similar visions for his voice. I guess I should maybe record a bit more lines for this to show more of my range for this particular voice.

This is my raw unedited voice, however I do have a multitude of voice modification tools and programs to change what I record. I took the clip above and modified it in two ways, you can hear both in the below video. If you prefer one of these to the unedited Kulta that's fine, however my main reason for including this below is to show a bit of what I can do in case you hear any potential in these for other characters/future projects. I can always experiment, though I am for sure always more fond of villainous roles. @prentice1215 what is your opinion on any sort of voice modification through software as I have tested here, or is your plan for purely unedited voices?

Anyway, I will also be auditioning for Skull Slicer & Basher most likely if I can perfect a good laugh for Slicer- Basher is dependent on the answer to the above about voice editing. May shoot for one or two of the other okoto/protector characters if they don't get much attention


I certainly don't want any effects like what was used in Journey to One. For example, if someone has a good Australian accent and wants to audition for Pohatu, but thinks their voice is too high; modifying the pitch in post to make it sound deeper is fine.

Your edited lines for Kulta were too low for my liking. It's straying too close to my Lee Tokar Makuta impression when you make it deeper, and would make conversations between Makuta and Kulta slightly confusing. The second edited voice sounding like a brainless brute could work for Basher, since that one was REALLY low, so take notes everyone.

Overall, my opinion on voice modulation I think varies from character to character. If someone wants to pitch down a Kopaka audition, not an issue, but Kulta especially is where things become a problem.

-- Also, @JediTimeLord824, I cannot access your auditions on YouTube. You might want to try linking it while not on your tablet as you hypothesized. --

EDIT: Nevermind, I managed to get to it through your Tahu audition.

Thanks! And, I have taken your advice and created a playlist.

Thanks, that's kind of funny, and not a problem. :joy:

Also, nice take @VBBN.


I think this is way better than my Narmoto audition.

And yes, I have two Skull Bashers.


I agree.

One thing I would suggest for these auditions is finding something to say for the audition, and then repeat it over and over again for the video. That way, you can avoid rambling and voice-breaking.


So would a high pitched voice work for skull slicer as long as the laugh was down? If so I can do a pretty good cackle, I may try out

You have one if I recall