BIONICLE Reiterated Auditions: S2 Cast List Finalized and Art Signups Open!

Can't wait! This time I'll actually know about it to audition!

Ditto on that, actually seems a good bit... intriguing to me.

Not as intriguing as Bionicle: Ilia- face gets slammed against wall

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I'd like to express my interest in voicing something when that happens.

Hopefully I'll remember to check...

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If any of them are left, I'm happy to do any of the higher pitched ones, preferably skull slicer?

Auditions and recording for season one has been completed and the series is currently being released. There will be another casting call for Season 2 when the time comes.


Season 1 has wrapped up, which means it's time for production on Season 2 to start!

Below you will find the new characters available to audition for and descriptions for said characters. Auditions will go the same as last time. Returning cast members can of course audition for the new characters, but already being on the cast does not mean you get special privilege. Best voice will get the part. Names for certain characters are hidden at the moment, as they are spoiler filled. New for this season is art signups! If you're an artsy person and thought my backgrounds were lackluster, then tell me you want to help out! I'll take any help I can get.

Outsider Stone Okotian
This new character is very prominent this season, and will be in Season 3 as well. He'll need to sound youngish and a tad awkward while eventually growing more confident in himself as time goes on, leading to a slightly deeper voice. NO Australian accent. This helps him stand out from the other Stone Okotians, who all have that accent.

Fire Okotian
This character has a problem with a neighboring Stone Okotian (see below) and unwittingly sorta begins a new political movement for the Okotians living in the Ancient City of the Mask Makers.

Stone Okotian
Accused of a crime he didn't commit be the above Fire Okotian, he eventually teams up with said Okotian to try to find why he was framed, leading the Toa to uncover a mystery.

Umarak the Hunter/Destroyer
I want this voice to sound as close to "The Journey to One" as possible, but I am open to different interpretations. Auditions will need to include voices for both the Hunter and Destroyer versions of Umarak.

Auditions will be open until the middle of April.


I'll try my luck again with a Stone Okotan via my earlier attempt at a Junkrat voice and also Umarak because why not try.

Ooooo boi.....let's do this.

I've got a cold right now, but I'll get my auditions in as soon as possible.

Prentice plague strikes again, lol


I’ll get my auditions in as soon as I can.

Oh, sweet. New auditions. I will get them in ASAP.

I may try...

For the Outsider. The first quote is meant to be a sort of awkward, with a stutter to add character. I'll probably re-audition once I refine my Berix and Matau impersonations. The second quote is meant to be deeper and more serious.

Oh, guess I'll put up a voice audition thing myself then.... less so for just this than it is general voice-acting use.
(All lines said are basically from a dialogue generator.)


I'm probably going to rerecord a better take once I get time, but I figured I'd post this one now, in case I don't get a chance to refine my voice for Umarak later on in the month.


Levva's Spaghetti. It's Ready.

I attempted to get better at sounding like Berix or Matau until I realized that I suck at impersonating. I just tried to be myself, I guess.

The quotes are the same, pretty much.

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I like it; much better quality than the first one

now I just gotta get my voices in

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If only I had a mic and knew how to record my voice, I might have audition for any Villain type of role (Got to root for the home time!) or any stone guy as well... you know.