Bionicle: Requiem, chapter one

“The Order sent us a kid!?” Iruini woke up with a jolt, he wondered, why was he dreaming about his own past? He got out of his bed and grabbed his Cyclone spear, his shield, his kanohi kualsi, and his oddest possession, a necklace with a green crystal set into it. He wanted to go to the kohlii game between New Atero and New Onu-Koro, but he had sparing with Norik and meditation with Gaaki, as well as his Order duties. He walked up to Noriks house, which was conveniently close by his own small hut, and from his cliff top view, he could see the large wreckage of the great spirit robot, and New Atero. Iruini knocked harshly on Norik’s door "Hey! Brother! Wake up you Kohlii-head! Norik woke up, Iruini could tell because he smelled smoke and saw foam coming out of a window. Norik poked his Maskless head out of his window. BOOM “Hey, brother?” said Norik, “I think you woke Bomonga up,” and sure enough, a giant toa of earth, black and bronze, rose above the roof of Iruini’s own hut and said “Why did you have to wake me up? I was having the best dream” “Sorry bud, but I gotta keep spry!” said Iruini while jogging in place. Gaaki, Kualus, and Pouks all poked their heads out of their own doors, Pouks falling face down into Gaaki’s meditation pool. “Well good morning” said Kualus, with a tinge of anger in his voice. Hours later… “Helryx?” said Norik while walking into a large chamber “Yes Norik?” said Helryx in her calming voice. “When can we get… her out of the robot?” Norik said, with some nervousness. “You can go when you and your team are ready”


make more

I shall! 40 more to be exact!


Nice, I like this little blurb about bonkles.

Did you get the varian referance?

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um… no

Well… she is going to have quite a big role in chapter 4, so get ready

what was the reference

When Norik said “her…”

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Oh, I get it now
He was talking about varian

I don’t want to give too much away, but I will be releasing order of mata nui medical files, reports, memos and other things, all of which elude to future stuff


There should be one last quotation mark after “you Kohlii-head” so it’s easier to tell where the dialogue stops. Other than that, the interaction with the hagah was cute. I do wonder if you’ll change Bomonga’s description after the contest

Yes I will, and thank you for your feedback :smiley:

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