Bionicle revamp: Gali, Master of Water (2.0 version)

Hello people!

I do wanna apologize that I didn't post it here last week. The reason, I have been travelling to St. Petersburg city, and there was a "race" for my team and the other two teams.

Okay enough for that, let's talk about Gali here, she is fascinating Toa, and I really love the look of Gali. But, shall I introduce for you, Gali, Master of Water (2.0 version)!

2.0 version:

Pre-redesign version (old):

Video Removed until user has gained Master - Waj

More pics:

As always, I mentioned my opinion about her original form of it in small synopsis form, so I kinda reviewed her, but also explaining my personal opinion about her 2.0 version.

But as you can see, comparing 2.0 version with pre-redesign version, she is dramatically different, especially the upper torso area, it was pain in a butt. Like, I revamped her upper torso three or four times before I got it some what better looking. Either I did it better or worse. The pre-redesign of her was "too" manly looking Gali, now that I see it in person, because of those bulkiness and those stuff.

I didn't bother to build feminine torso design for her, and yes, I could have added some nuva breasts, but they're already overused. And the other reason why I did that, because I wanted to keep that printed chest part, I think that is cool looking and it gives a personality for Gali, and maybe it is necessary because it is good to match with the other Toa Okoto members.

And the other thing what I want to say about Gali's design, yes, she has some bulkiness, but not bad looking comparing with her previous form. The thing is that that I have seen female characters, who were almost like in smaller role from RPG games and from the other genre type games. What I mean by that is that they were, either in healer role, or something else. But there are some cases that some of those video games, the female character is muscular, like Samus Aran in her power suit (well, maybe it was bad example, but giving a point also about Gali, why she's bulky).

Secondly, this is Bionicle, and there are some cases that not every female character has feminine look or shape. The best example is Roodaka, she has female look and shape of it. While the Toa of Water (and lighting and psionics Toa, and light and shadow Toa) characters, doesn't appear with feminine look. Sure in fan fictions (or some of them) female characters have a female body look.

All in all, she was kinda the hardest Toa to revamp, especially due to feminine elements. Yes, she might be bulky, but I don't mind it that much. I'm pretty happy to revamp her with new parts. But that's about it ^ ^


Awesome MOC. I really like how you incorporated more yellow and Mata blue into it. I also like all of the weapons. Plus, the hands are awesome. The only gripe I have is that there are too many colors. Mata blue, dark azure, silver, yellow, gold, light gray, dark gray, black, gunmetal, trans light blue. The list goes on. Still, cool MOC.


That's a cool build, but to me she's a little too beefy, as for female.


I have to agrea with that /\
Other than that though the Moc is great smile

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Moc overall is preety good, bolt!
As other people, I would have liked her to be atleast less beefy on upper torso part, tho eaven as it is, its preety good.

Also 2 things:
-You dont need to apologise for not posting stuff, you are not an robot wink
- as of now, you only revamped Protectors of fire and water, right? stuck_out_tongue

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Are you saying girls can't be beefy? angry

Anyways, I kinda like the Pre-redesign more. I just think the Mata-blue works a lot better. Other than that, very nice robotic design wink

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I want to like it...I really do...but this just looks way too messy, even for me. It looks like all the brick system stuff was just shoved on there clumsily. I'm sure hard work went into it, but it just looks cluttered for the sake of being cluttered. I prefer the pre-redesign. It has similar issues, but not to as big a degree.

Pre-redesign: 7/10

Redesign: 6/10

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Thanks! I know that the color scheme is kinda clumsy, but I tried to balance it out, to make it little bit okay looking.

@KOSROBOT @ScissorKnightofRainbows
Thanks! I don't mind Gali's widness, in fact I forgot to mention that if I have left the shoulders narrow, it affects arm poses.

Thanks,, and like I said, she was the hardest to revamp stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye
Plus, I have revamped also the other four protectors already.

Thanks! The pre-redesgin version was okay, but too bulky in my taste. Also, I tried to balance the blue color into a little bit better, and I didn't expect that she's in new light-ish blue color tired_face
The term robotic is that you're in right track. Basically my revamped Toa Okoto has a mechanical look, but they're kinda like armor in a machinery way and has organs inside of them, in order to keep an idea of Toa anatomy.

Thanks, and yeah, she was the hardest to revamp. The idea with those system parts and other stuff on her, is that I wanted to add some details to give a different look and machine outer machine feel, but yeah, the design is kinda a clumsy.
Glad you like that the previous version of my version of Gali yum But I felt that she was too bulky to my eyes.


Whoah. That's a pretty nice MOC.

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Soo you revamped all of them? Cool!
Pics on deviant art stuck_out_tongue ?

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To be honest, I don't quite like the sturdy look. It is a pretty MOC, don't take me wrong. But when I think about Gali, a muscular-looking robot is not exactly the first think that comes into my mind.

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Very nice job, as with the Pohatu revamp; I love the detailed look, and the axe head on her hip. Great work!

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looks good

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Probably my least favorite of your revamps, but still a nice MOC.