Bionicle revamp: Kopaka, Master of Ice (2.0 version)

Hello people!

I originally wanted to write this after that I have written Gali's topic, but then I was TOOOOO lazy. But, ladies and gentlemen, Kopaka, Master of Ice (2.0 version)!

2.0 version:

Pre-redesign version (old):

Video Removed until user has gained Master - Waj

More pics:

Okay, so obviously this might be my number one of Toa Okoto team in his revamped formm. I don't know, I just like this! >w<
Okay I'm very sorry for bragging, but let's face it, I didn't expect how good looking he is in his new form (and I meant the original version of Kopaka 2015). But at first, I wasn't sure about his bulky look, but when I built him, it grew me up that I instantly fell in love his new design.

But enough for that, so let's talk about the previous version of it. I was originally keeping him in "slender" type Toa, but hi was kinda out of the look of it, because the legs weren't that bulky. The spear was originally too wide due to the ice effect on the top of the spear.

But other than that, I'm happy how it turned out blush


Meanwhile in MrBoltTron's lightbox:

Pohatu: " Hey Kopaka! Nice to meet ya! How's the day?" smile
Kopaka: " Ugh. First a headeche and now you!? Leave me alone." -_-
Pohatu: " Say what's that drink anyways?"
Kopaka: " It's none of your business."


I like it. Plus that 1 panel comic

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Thanks! I really felt giving a extra stuff stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

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Not sure about the knee pads but overall solid MOC!


I like this MOC a lot better than the Gali revamp! The only problem I have with it is the brown chain, but it is very minor. Good job!

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Thank you very much! smile And well, the knee pads I wanted, because it creates a different look compairing with other Toa Okoto members.

Thanks! smile I chose brown chain because it kinda is like it was frozen and it is rusty also, Kopaka then finds it and keeps it. Basically a rusty chain ocarina necklace.

I see. Interesting back story!

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I'll say it's great

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Quite nice! I personally prefer the Gali one, but you've regardless done an excellent job here!

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the best one I have seen so far.

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The legs are great on their own, as are the arms, but the torso is wayyy too hulked out for them to match. I would suggest slightly bulking up the limbs, or slightly de-bulking the torso, but that's just my own opinion.


I think you did a great job holding 2015 Kopaka's style. Something about the shape I just really love (maybe because it's the style I accidentally draw all the time laughing) I would definitely be proud of this one. Keep it up!

also noticed how you have the golden mask storage on the back of the waist. good job! ;)

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@ChroniclerPrime @JMP @ColdGoldLazarus @Carrot8o
Thank you very much! ^ ^

I see what you mean, yes it is true that my Kopaka is a bit hulked out, but I understand your point about that.

Thank you highly very much! He could be okay without his huge armor parts, but I think G2 Kopaka is a success!

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However, I do suggest that you beef up the lower legs, try putting some white tires in them (if they exist).
Also, I'd love it if you attempted putting on the G2 mask of Ice.

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You did see the first picture, right?

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