Bionicle revamp: Skull slicer

My version of the ''skull slicer'' set that will come out this summer.

he also has a 4-armed gear box BTW

Hope you like him c:


little too armored for a skeleton, but other than that it looks great, it even has red that breaks the color scheme stuck_out_tongue


Looks way better than the set, except I would have liked to see a little more green. Colors aside, though, it really does look so much better than the actual set.



Thanks! i would've added green,but it wouldn't look good on him :/

@Sentrakh7X9 thank you!

Looks WAAAAY better than the set.

I disagree The upper part of the torso is large like armor or even a ribcage and the lower part is far thinner.

That whole deal flows nicely IMO.

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