BIONICLE RISE Prologue Stop Motion

Bionicle Rise is story about origin of Freeders before Herofactory Beyond story begin

  1. Altaka has a capabilty of teleport.(also he made Avohkii)

  2. Red star is satellite created by great beings and are still in the sky of Spareus magna.

  3. Iroini’s Kanohi Kualsi can teleport anywhere in sight, but cannot move living beings together

Music : Labored and Lost - Lorne Balfe


Nice job, camera work is looking a lot smoother in this one and as always your effects work is beautiful.

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Looks pretty cool!! :wink:

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This looks fantastic.

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@Festive-Alucus @Rukah @T4k4nuv4 @Brickbot99 Thanks!!!


So is Artakha the guy who creates Hero Factory? It makes a lot of sense if he is.
Great job! The video and effects are amazing!

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He wanted to make a mass production type toa!

Very cinematic!

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Thank you!!!

You should have Tahu vs. Furno XL and Kongu Mahri vs. Bulk. Two examples of very similar characters who would (or should) have similar weaponry, based on their sets.

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Oh ok! someday!

You are the best stop-motion animator I have ever seen. Can’t wait to see the next videos.

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Next video will be on 1.7.2022!

Great! Thank you! I will look forward to seeing your magnificent efforts!

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