Bionicle Rock Tribe Plot Hole?

in 9th year we were introduced to different tribes and i have to agree that the 9th year was kind of meh but the concept of tribes living in giant wasteland with having warriors
go thro desserts filled with many dangers and fight over food water and resources essential for survival in gladiator like battles got me thinking if each village has a glatorian but then why would not roxtus but seriously only thing in the storyline they ever did was produce by there evolution a hive minded barbaric genetic trash that was except leader almost not sentient and tried to conquer every thing they saw and then after there evolutional miracle left without a trace leaving there fellow agory to live with there offspring of there miserable evolution which caused some groups of the villagers to separate them selves and evolve in to another race now an army of thieves and bounty hunters (wow rock tribe has high tendencies to produce genetic thrash by there evolution)

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Please read through some of the lore, even comics on the Skrall. They lived with a hierarchy, with three main classes: the warriors, the elite, and the leaders. The Skrall race is by no means a hive mind, and some even dared to go against the leader-class’s will and decisions. Many went unnamed because names and titles were considered an honor reserved for the higher classes and seasoned warriors.

In addition, the different villages had more than one Glatorian. There were several for each, in fact. But the Skrall live by the sword, and their culture reflects on it.


They did. The warrior class Skrall served as Glatorian, which is why Gresh fought one in the second 2009 comic.

I think you may be misunderstanding the Rock Tribe a little bit. Sure, The Legend Reborn made them out to be mindless drones, but in the actual story they were all individuals. There was no “hive mind” of any kind, just a dictatorship. TBH, the Skrall were probably the most effective civilization on Bara Magna, because they had consolidated leadership and worked together as a group. That, combined with their naturally-enhanced strength, was what made them so powerful.

I’m also not sure where you’re getting the whole “evolutionary miracle” thing–what part of the story were you referencing? All we know is that the Bone Hunters are distantly related to the Rock Tribe Agori, and that they split from the tribe before the Shattering. This is by no means “genetic trash”–in fact, it’s a basic evolutionary principle. Plus, given that the Rock Tribe are extremely strong–both physically and militarily–I wouldn’t exactly say that they have weak genes.


Roxtus would use Skrall as glotorian. The Rock Tribe came later than the others after the Baterra drove them out of their original land, and, seeing how they were a barbaric tribe already, Skrall would dominate the arena, nearly bringing other villages to famine. There was no reason to have a glotorian if they could already do that with almost any one of their ranks. And no, they were not a hive mind. They just did as they were told to do by their superiors. The Skrall wanted to conquer everything because they had no land for themselves, and eventually settled in the Black Spike Mountains.

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On Spherus Magna, and later the other 3, there were 3 sentient races, the Glatorian, the Agori, and the Skrall (an offshoot of the Glatorian). Starting in the Element Wars, the tribes began to recruit Glatorian to fight for them, and they eventually adopted the elemental affiliation system as well, though the rock tribe hired the Skrall (who eventually enslaved them all).


Additional note to what others have said: The Rock Tribe had already existed before the Skrall race invaded Roxtus. The Skrall took over the city and the culture of the Rock Tribe and became its Glatorians. We know that some Agori, such as Atakus, embraced their new militaristic culture, while it’s possible that others were less satisfied with the change but couldn’t do anything about it.

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