Bionicle RPG characters

I play a few of the bionicle RPGs on BZP, as well as the main BZPRPG, and have done quite a few pics of them, so I figured I'd make a topic of all for them.
Some don't have pics yet, but I will update when they do...

Silo, from BZPRPG:

[Version 1]

[Version 2]

Mura, from BZPRPG:

Mortem, from BZPRPG:

Karaihe, from City In The Dark (by The Lorax):

[The baddass himself]

[His baddasss weapons]

Hiko, from A Journey of Sand, Stars and Spirit (by Zakaro):

Tell me what you think smiley

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You should check us out at The Era of the Koros RP, right here on TTV

Thanks, will check it out - I'm always interested in new bionicle RPGs smile

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