BIONICLE: Rules and Guidelines

In the time before time, some scientists built a robot to remake their planet after it exploded because they wanted too much planet juice, which he did 100,000 years later alongside some other things.

LEGO’s Bionicle previously ran from 2001-2010, and with the rumored return in 2015, there’s always more to discuss. So we’ve given you the place to do just that! As always, the general rules topic apply, but here’s some specific ones to pay attention to:

  • Obviously enough, this category is Bionicle discussion only. Any other thing you want to discuss goes elsewhere in the appropriate category. Additionally, try your best to fit whatever you want to the subcategories we have. Obviously, there will be some topics that will don’t fit, so you can post them here and it will either remain or be moved into the relevant category by the mods.
  • Any spoilers from Generation One (2001-2010) are completely fair game. You don’t need to mark your spoilers for things that are basically five years old at this point. If/when new story content comes out, we will make specific announcements about what spoilers go where, but for now don’t worry about it.
  • Set leak discussion is allowed, but bear in mind that we reserve the right to remove any pictures or information at our leisure for any reason (for instance, in case the images threaten someone’s job or livelihood)
  • Check to see that your topic of discussion hasn’t already been made. We have no revival limit here, so if there’s a topic that already has what you’re looking for, don’t clutter the front page by making a new one.

Other than that, enjoy!


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What about spoilers from other series? I got a lot of the new ninjago stuff spoiled in the BIONICLE sub-forum.


Is bionicle coming back 2020 (unlikely) or after 2020.


Definitely not 2020. Unlikely anytime soon, but we really don’t know – it could get announced for 2021, for all we know. I would say it’s unlikely to return until 2025 at least, if I had to guess.

Fingers are crossed for some kind of 20th anniversary thing, but even that is very, very unlikely, never mind an actual reboot/continuation/return.

And if there were to be a 20th anniversary thing, it probably would have been announced by now, no?

Highly agree.