Bionicle Self-MOC: Ghar, the Redeemed Earth

Hello everyone on the Boards!

Well, I’ve stalled it for long enough, but now after finally getting off my butt and taking the pics and uploading them to MOCPages, I’m ready to reveal my self-MOC, Ghar!

This is currently V5 of Ghar, and I’m super proud of how he’s evolved over the year I’ve had him.

I strongly encourage you to check him out on MOCPages to see more in-depth pictures of the build and some more backstory, as posting all of that would take a while.

Also, you can read the story for this MOC and his team here on!

On to the MOC!

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Feet don’t really fit with the rest of the MOC, though apart from that I really like the way this looks.


Yeah! With some enginuity, the feet used on Nuparu Inika should do nicely, in my opinion. Otherwise, the MOC looks really cool! I like the color scheme, and find it unique. Good job!

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Ooh, I like this MOC! It’s really well done, and I don’t mind the feet. I think the silver Pakari looks a lot better, though. But, the build is amazing!


The piraka feet don’t fit in.
Pretty good other than that.

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are we long lost brothers?


This is a great MOC! The build is solid, and I love the weaponry! I also like the extra ammo on his shoulder. I’ll definitely check out the story, 'cause a character this cool must have interesting adventures!

Nice work!

Piraka feet look fine, and have always looked fine.


I like the Piraka feet. I think they work more with his proportions.
And that crossbow is just awesome!!


the feet are fine. the rest is really cool.

Honestly, it looks perfect to me. Amazing job!

I like this moc but i dont like the feet. Also you should give him a sword or a hammer.

Does that crossbow actually work? That rubber band looks like it could fire the spear. If it does than that is pure awesomeness! Also, I think the feet are okay, they’re probably the best for the proportions.

Solid build, great color scheme, and best use of the pakari I’ve seen. Also great weapon 11/10

That’s a great colour scheme and a very creative design!

Nobody is betting him sep my moc

I like them both the same.

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I find the waist a bit Thin but other than that i really like it
Id give this 9,5 out of 10

loving what you did with Tahu’s shin armor!

Is that silver Pakari painted? The original silver Pakari seemed a bit darker than the average silver we’ve grown used to.