Bionicle Self-Moc (Needs Name, I'm open to suggestions) :D

My Bionicle Self-Moc whos currently in need of a name. Leave your suggestions and opinions below. Thanks for looking :smiley:


Nice, reminds of Rotar, cohesive colour scheme, good armouring. Maybe some better armour on the lower arms. Good job :smile:
Also, very good back armouring, something bionicle definitely needs to improve on, though the star wars figures give me hope for the future. Could you do a size comparison plz cos he looks huuuuge!!!!!

Thanks, I dunno he's pretty tall
@Stoax his elemental power should be poison, particular gas, yes I'm basing it off Rotar cos they are so similar


Hes not that big tbh XD
@Stoax Nope, he doesnt even have a name :smiley:


Does he have an elemental power? Perhaps I could translate that through Maori (the language many BIONICLE names are based off) with some little tweaks here and there.

Perhaps, Rinoa?

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Hurihikohatu. A combo of Hydro (Because of the tubes), and stone (Because of the color) in Maori. also, nice MOC, good texturing.

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Is this the 10th "First version of a selfMOC" I've seen in the past three days?

The MOC seems to be rather messy and doesn't flow well, but I've been in that place myself so no shame there. Color scheme works out fairly well. The Chi piece in his chestplate looks like it could be used as a trademark of this MOC in future, I like that.

Out of curiosity, is there any particular style you're going after for this MOC? Say, an assassin, a swordsman, or a gunner? I could probably give you a lot more ideas if I know what the style behind it is.

As for names, Kendor, Tyrax, and Vorcur are some of the names that strike me for a MOC of this type.


@Hawkflight I must say, the MOC is quite messy although I had a very limited number of pieces to work with. The MOC is my first actual attempt at building something unique with a custom body build. I wasn't going for any style at all but I'm sure I'll give him a definite role in the upcoming changes. He used to have a custom hunting rifle but I decided to remove it as I didn't like how I made it :blush:

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Mr. Phantom?

Danny Phantom

Danny Cortez

Carmen Cortez

Carmen Sandiego

Carmen Sandiego conferm'd 4 Smash


Self MOC... Phantom

What about Rotok? Rotor and Photok? Anyways, pretty cool! But... that orange 2.0 shield... WHERE U GIT?

I got it from Nex, I think it works well XD

Great Moc!

Name Suggestions:
Wetoto( It's Plama in maori)
Karaka( It's Orange in malay)
Kekuatan( It's Strength in malay)
There you go : D

I agree with @Hawkflight.

Also, it looks a little too much like Fenrek. He needs either a different color other than black or something extra to make his stand out.

I suck at names, normally I just use Maori for whatever type of thing I'm going for.

how about, Kotokuna! IDK I just thought of that of the top of my head.
@PakariNation99 nex, duh. you know? the one hero factory character that's entirely orange? hello?

I think you should update the arms a bit. They look bone thin and then awkwardly bulky at the same time. I like the overall design. As for a name..... How about.. Ardno. Just made that up.

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The upper arms look a bit skinny, but the rest of the MOC is awesome!

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I like it! How about Hazar!

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I got to admit this looks great.
I think Phaeton might be an ideal name for your Self-Moc.