Bionicle Self-MOC: Valerix The God's Demon/ LotAD

Here is a newer version of Self-MOC, Valerix. The purpose of this version was just to make a massive version because why the heck not?



Angry pose?

Head Shot

Movable Jaw

Representation of the GD symbol

The way of the fist

Little Valerix in front of new Valerix

Let me know what you think!
My least favorite part is the back due to how uncovered it is :confused: I’ll work on that later.


well atleast it follows the smaller version’s build plan, upscaled and complicated

compared to other upsized or big mocs, I think it’s relatively clean considering the CCBS, only messy at the waist and maybe partially the back of the arms n legs and the mid back of the torso. Otherwise I feel it’s great with the head and the proportions, though maybe something could be done about the digitigrade legs to make it more accurate

overall great job

Thanks for the feedback! He I tried to make him more smooth than his previous version. (Keyword: Tried)
Though I see what you are saying. There is always room for improvement.

I’m not terribly fond of this MOC. I do like the consistent color scheme, and the claws are well done. As for the rest of the MOC, the individual parts look ok, the arms are fine on their own, the legs are cool, and the torso would be passable on another build. However, as a whole, the parts don’t mesh well. The torso is far too long and too big for every other part of the MOC, in particular the arms. As for the head, I enjoy parts of it, particularly the mouth and nose, but I feel like the eyes are off in a very jarring way.

All in all, I don’t hate this build, but I’m not the biggest fan of it either.

Minotaur thing/10

The arms and legs are too thin, otherwise this is pretty good.

maybe shorten the body, or lengthen the legs, other than that this is pretty good!