Bionicle Self MOC: Voltrix, Monarch of Electricity

Hey guys! Today I’m back with another version of my self MOC, Voltrix!

Cool pic.

Back shot.

Scale next to my Sig-fig.

Here are his weapons and jetpack.

No weapons or jetpack.

The above two are pretty self explanatory.

Here is a YouTube playlist of all the other versions of him.

I hope you like him! Feel free to leave instructive criticism!


His arms seem a tad long. I like the color scheme, though.

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I really like the colour scheme.

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wow…go easy on the editing in the first Pic - it almost screams edgy to me. All that is missing is Crawling in my Skin and Wake me Up…other than that, I think this MOC works quite well - perhaps aside the more than awkward legs.


Here is a better pose. :grin:

That chest/shoulder armour combo is delicious

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Thanks. It took FOREVER to perfect.

Some of the textures and colors don’t seem to connect well. Arms are also a bit too long. Okay work.


his feet are strange with them stacked, and there being no dark green seen anywhere, his torso looks blocky. The blasters cool noice job

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I completely forgot to mention the feet. I am currently trying to find my blue ones from Tarix(?). They have been evading me it seems like. If all else fails I’ll be ordering another pair to put on him.


MOC’s pretty alright. There are a few specific issues I’ve got with it that hold it back, but otherwise it’s executed pretty decently. The upper torso is probably the best part.

(harsh-ish critique follows, read with caution)

[spoiler]One, the jetpack looks super slapped together and pointless. I’d keep it down to just a few spikes and maybe a pair of blades as “wings”, but right now it’s an eyesore.

Two, the waist…just no. That armor part looks REALLY bad upside down IMO, and it especially falls apart on a MOC of this size as a waist. Also, random silver on a MOC with very little. In addition, while not obvious, per say, the massive empty area directly above the thigh armor can’t be unseen when noticed.

Three, the forever time honored thing that to most is a nitpick but for me takes an actually quite alright MOC and ruins it…the forearms. Nopitynope. The armor is facing forward, enough said, I’m done here. [/spoiler]

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Don’t really anything to say here. (Aside from “I like it”)

That is temporary until I find a better way to do it.

The armor facing that way is necessary for the weapons attaching to the underside. If you have a custom design that will work for that, please share. I can’t come up with one.
Thanks for the feedback!

There’s quite a simple custom design that could work just fine, it just depends on the parts you have.

Personally, I’d drop the weapons on the bottoms of the arms, They seem a bit…redundant, to say the least. If you like them that’s fine, but I’d recommend changing it up a bit.

Alternatively, shorten the arms slightly (as they are a tad too long and spindly compared to the bulky legs and torso), flip the armor sideways, and attach the weapons via minifigure pins to the CCBS armor.

As for the jetpack, if you like it, totally legitimate reason to keep it. Same reason my Self-MOC still has his ears, actually. I’d still recommend cleaning it up a bit, however. It could completely work if you can get it to fit the aesthetic of the rest.

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Looks cool

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