bionicle set recommendations

hello every body i am new to the bionicle fandom joining this year. i was just wondering are some good sets on a price limit. let’s say 500 dollar’s.


Maxilos and Spinax might just be my favorite set of all time, if you can find one for a good price I’d definitely recommend it. Only real caveat is that his hip ball joints might not be as strong as something his size would need.


Was also going to recommend Maxilos. On the smaller end I recommend the Toa Metru they are versatile and used a lot in mocs.

Brutaka is also an amazing set harder to find:


The G2 sets are pretty fun to have though good luck finding the 2016 sets for a good price.

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Buy axonn, brutaka, fenrakk and vezon. and build KARDAS, The Greatest bionicle of all time.


I’d say the Toa Mata are necessary for any Bionicle fan. They’re relatively cheap, I believe. Get a Bohrok or two too!


I find the bohrok pretty fun, so I suggest getting at least one of those.

But it really depends on what kind of sets you’re looking for.

  • Are you going to play with these models, or just display them?
  • Do you plan on making any mocs?
  • Do you care much about the lore?

These are all things to think about. Not to mention your own aesthetic preferences.

Oh, and welcome to the community. I hope you enjoy your time here :slight_smile:


If you just want to build your collection for MOC-making, cheap bulk lots on Ebay are also an option.


Also check used LEGO stores if there’s any around you. In my experience most people at those stores are clueless about Bionicle set value. I’ve found sets for 1/4 the prices you’d see online.


I love the 06 sets personally, and say what you will about the inika build, but they kept using it for a reason, any of the toa or piraka from that year are great picks

get the ones that look cool to you



First off, welcome!

I think a lot of the recommendations here are pretty good ones. If you’re setting a $500 limit, definitely look into getting a Titan set to start off. I second the Maxilos and Spinax suggestion as that was always one of my favorites.

If you want to get some G2 sets as well, Umarak the Hunter is a great choice!


the first option

As a collector since ‘02, I’d be happy to drop some recommendations for you!

Small sets: if you’re looking for little guys, I don’t think anything can beat the bohrok va. They’re surprisingly posable, expressive, colorful, quirky, and most importantly, adorable. Combos are also very good. Would then recommend ‘04 martoran for their cool masks & ability to store weapons. Turaga and ‘01 matoran are very nice and have functionality, just aren’t super posable.

Canister sets: #1 Rec - Bohrok. Perfect sets. Compact, posable, very functionable, colorful, you can’t go wrong. Visorak are also pretty interesting and have nice colors, and the rahkshi (while somewhat dull in color) are nice to have at least one of.
For Toa, frankly I wouldn’t recommend any past ‘05 unless you really like their look. Metru are arguably the most solid, but some are much better than others. Mata/Nuva are classic and look great, but price tends to get very high for them. Hordika were my favorite Toa due to the unique look of their designs, and they have relatively good prices still.

Titan sets: My top picks would be nidhiki, brutaka, gadunka, maxilos, and any titan from 2001-02.

*If you decide on a set from 2008-10, make sure to be gentle with the sockets as they are prone to fracturing. Same with characters from 07 with lime-green parts (Hahli, Ehlek, Lesovikk).


Yeah, that’s what I did.