Bionicle set wave layouts

Bionicle is a theme that ran for 10 years stopped and came back again last year.

Yet in some aspects gen2's waves feel off for the most part. It feels like there is too much in the winter and not enough in the summer.

That got me thinking and this is what I found

g2 currently has

12 good guys most 6 of which are small but could take on the one bad guy if they team up
1 bad guy who could get beaten by any of the big good guys and a team of small good guys

1 good guy who is out matched by the bad guys
4 or 5 bad guys (Depending on whether the good guy is a separate set) who take on the winters good guys plus an additional good guy from this wave.

G1 on the other hand did something different. This is from how I understand it 2004-2007 waves went for the most part

6 small good guys who had to team up to take down one bad guy (Matoran)
6 average bad guys who could easily take down one or two small guys depending on the year. (Vahki and Piraka)

There usually one or two titans in the winter wave, usually characters that set up the early story but arnt important by the end. (Toa lhikan, Nocturn, umbra, ect.)

6 average good guys who could defeat the previous waves bad guys one on one.

3-5 titans depending on the year that usually are the big bads of the year. These allowed for the new good guys to have a challenge after taking on the average bad guys. (brutaka, Nidiki, malixos, sidora. ect)

The g1 waves aloud for the good guys to always have a challenge and a full team to fight every year. It also meant that even when the toa came to defeat the winters bad guys they still had be titans to deal with as a team.

The g2 release the small good guys and but instead of 6 bad guys they release the toa. Where there used to be a titan, there is now one average bad guy that has to fight 12 dudes with nothing but a small army of Mcguffens at their disposal. When the summer rolls around and we get 4-5 new bads guys )and in the case of umarak being a new version only 3 new ones.) Who don't make up a full team and just barely have connections to the winters villain. this doesn't allow for challenge for the hero so much as, heres 3-5 mooks to beat up while you defend these little dudes. When your done come check out this tall guy who might put up a challenge.

In my opinion lego should go back to the g1 wave system as it allows for more interesting collecting and play. Had we gotten 6 skull villains to fight the protectors with kulta being released with the toa It would have been more interesting for the kids who only got 12 masks with legs and a small beetle.

Anyways thats just my thinking on the matter.


It was so much better in G1...

I wish we got more sets like in g1. I guess I can see how releasing too many sets would hurt Lego financially though. The summer waves are lacking imo. 5 sets is too few.

Remember the 2000s?
The 2000s were so much better
Everything was better in the 2000s
Remember Mask of Light?
It was a good show!
You don't remember
It was a good show!
We had Bohrok
You don't
Things were better then, but now all is lost including hope, which is dead
We had Rahi
What do kids today have?

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They have the summer... That's something to look forward to RIGHT?

When we were kids, we got to look forward to cool summer releases like the Toa Nuva and the Rahkshi. Now there is nothing to look forward to other than some generic skull villains that we don't care about and some rehashed beast sets. It's only the second year of G2, though, and they'll get better.

@Dingus @Likus

Im sorry but I really didnt intend for this topic to be a g2 hating one. I really dont appreciate you underselling the skull villains as something we dont care about when people like me really like them.

While the beasts in their preliminary cgi box work look like hf sets I would enjoy seeing different angles of them.


It does not matter how many "good" or "bad" guys get released in each wave. If sets are fun to play with, and the concepts and designs are original then the wave has been a success.

I really don't hate G2, sure the layouts a little crummy. But I'm really loving it so far.

unfortunately for the wave 2 of each year so far , we have only gotten 5 sets :sweat:

what happened Lego ??

Wow shoutout to G2 hate.