Bionicle Shattered World: Prologue Part 1

Deep in a secret Imperial laboratory…

Vezon: How is the project coming along?
Scientist: BW#3 is complete, but he has a sense of defience to our cause.
Vezon: End his stasis, I would like to speak to him.
Scientist: Yes Emperor.

Stasis ended…
Steam surrounds BW#3

Vezon: Wait! What are you doing?!

BW#3: hrrrrrrrrr


3 months later…

Tahu: Ahhhhhhh… finally… some peice and quiet…

Thug: I’m here for your money you own the boss!
Tahu: Mr mc sqeeky voice, go back to your boss and tell him…

I don’t have the money, but I will!

Thug: Ye…yes sir!!! Ahhhhh!!!
Tahu: Phtt. Silly thug, I wasn’t going to hurt him… hmmm.

Tahu: Hey Kid, have you been watching me?

Kid: Me?

Tahu: Yeah you. Come here!

Tahu: Why were you watching me?
Kid: Because I would like your help.
Tahu: For what and why?
Kid: 1, your Tahu Mata/Nuva! One of the best toa of fire ever! And 2, because I am in trouble with some people… and I need you to take me to the Resistance!

Tahu: Whatever you are mixed up in, I don’t want to be mixed up in it too.
Kid: What if I gave you this!

Tahu: How’d you… Did you steal that?
Kid: Yes, but I stole if from someone who stole it from someone else and… killed its previous owner…
Tahu:… (Can I even believe this kid… But that mask looks authentic and I could use the money I can get from selling that… ) Fine, you got a deal kid…
Anyway, what’s your name kid?
Kid: Ara, my name is Ara.
Well… Come on! No need to wait!
Tahu: well… ehhh… nevermind.

Tahu: (What have I gotten myself into…)

Vezon: For three months you have been unable to find BW#3! 3 months!
Brutaka: I will search myself to help speed up the process!

Vezon: Noooo… Brutaka… Makuta Rai!

Rai: Yes my Emperor?
Vezon: I am sending BW#1 to your domain. You will oversee his progress in finding BW#3.
Rai: Yes my Emperor.
Vezon: Good… Good…