Bionicle Shattered World: Prologue Part 2

Destral-home of the Makuta

Makuta Rai: So You’re BW#1… To be honest, I’m quite underwhelmed by you statue.
BW#1: (Smerks) I might be small compared to you, but I assure you I am powerful.
Rai: That is good to hear.
Do you have a plan for finding your brother?

BW#1: Yes, I do. I’m going to follow the traces of BW#3’s power signature. He can’t not use his powers while hiding in or out of the empire to stay safe. This means there is a major chance that I can find BW#3 this way. And by the way Rai, I would very much appreciate if you would called me Lavendex.

Rai: Sure Lavendex, but, what do you think about your brother?
Lavendex: I don’t know why he betrayed us, but I think it was the scientists’s fault for using to much light. I think the element is to connected to Mata Nui himself.
Rai: Hmmm most interesting. Now please get on your way, I can’t wait to hear if your strategy is worked.
Lavendex: Yes, Makuta Rai.

Rai: “I wonder why Vezon would try and create such beings… But then again, Mata Nui creates us Makuta…”

Ara: Hey ummm Tahu?
Tahu: What is it this time? Please don’t say are we there yet.
Ara: Why do you have debt?
Tahu: You seriously want to know?
Ara: Yess please!
Tahu: (Breathes out slowly) Fine.

Ara: Yes. I get to here a story from a great hero!
Tahu: Shh shh shhhhh… You don’t want to bring to much attention to ourselves.
Ara: Got it.
Tahu: Alright so where was I aww yes…

1 hour later…
Ara: I think I hear someone behind us.
Tahu: hmmmm.

Thug: Muwahaha! Time to capture you Tahu!

Ara: Tahu?
Tahu: I got this.

Ara: let’s do this together!
Tahu: Where where you keeping those?.. ne…nevermind. Let’s do this!




Thug: Ge. Get off me!
Ara not gunna happen. Tahu!

Tahu: it’s time you feel the rage of a Toa that has no destiny!!!


Ara: Wow… we did it.
Tahu: Indeed we did.
Now let’s move along.

Lavendex: Finally… a trace.

Me: I think I’m going to put the next chapters into the liderature topic.
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I don’t know what to think about this. For me, the characters aren’t relatable or likeable. I still can’t make much sense of the story, and some of the models used look very strange (the thug, for example). I think this would work better as a stop-motion series.

But you can tell that some effort was put in, even if it doesn’t really work for me.


Fair criticism