Bionicle Sightings: Canada

Ok, I’ve been looking around sites trying to see if Bionicle 2015 sets have been seen in stock anywhere. I’m not one to shop online, I’m just curious if they’ll show it. So this topic is specifically made for any Canadians who have spotted Bionicle 2015 sets. If you find any in Canada, mostly in the physical store, please feel free to post about it.


I went to a master mind toys a while ago and they had all the sets sitting there ready to be bought.

Found some at toy R us

Master mind toys? Never heard of it.

I have terrible memory so that name could be wrong. Either way I don’t think their very common.

There is a Mastermind Toys near where I live, but it doesn’t have them.

I found out that where I used to live, there’s a Mastermind toys…


I saw the entire lot of bionicles at my local Toys R Us in Edmonton if that helps anyone.

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I went to the Lego store today in Guildford mall (Surrey, B.C) and they had all of the protectors. They said that the rest of the wave would arrive on Monday.

I went to the Lego Store in Oakridge BC… Everything was sold out, so I asked a person working there, and she brought out THE LAST FOUR SETS FROM THE BACK! The protector of Stone, Earth, Jungle, and Water. I took Jungle and Water, while my friend got Earth and Stone.

I’d totally tell you.

If I lived in Canada.

Canada is cool though.

Bionicle sets now appearing on the website for Toys’R’Us Canada. Currently only Onua is up and he is out of stock.

Still no sets in Kamloops, not at Toys r us, Target or Walmart.

I got word that Target will be putting them in by the 9th.

Just got Pohatu at my local mastermind toys, the Toa, Protectors, and Lord of skull Spiders are all there.

ATTENTION! Target is closing down soon (as far as from what I heard) so get yo Bonkles from there soon.

I heard they were pulling out of Canada. Though we never really had any in Quebec due to language bylaws.

Except for… you know… my Target has a poster/display for the sets, but no sets.

Apparently some Target’s/TRU aren’t getting Bonkle till a few weeks. They were told it’d be delayed.

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