Bionicle Skull Spider Mask

Inspired from the Lego Bionicles 2015 line-up.

This is a wearable mask which is lightweight and breathable. Light-up eyes.

Painted gold with chrome decals of Celtic Bionicle Rune Lettering. Legs are painted to look like cast iron. It has a spider logo decal in the centre circle. The eyes light up. The bar clips actually hook to the Bionicle masks from 2015 toyline!

There are 4 poseable legs, which are removeable. The legs clip onto the mask the same as the real figure function.

Hand-crafted from new styrene sheet plastic. Durable, quite flexible and strong. Your choice of color.

Please see our website for more information:!bionicle-skull-spider-mask/c13jk


This is amazing! I'd buy one but I don't have thirty bucks to spend on giant metal masks. stuck_out_tongue

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$30 ey? Seems nicely priced.

That's the deposit. The base mask (unpainted plastic) itself is $60+.

Looks interesting.