Bionicle Skull Titan

I was trying to build something cool out of ccbs and I ended up with large hands made from torsos so I decided to build a huge moc for them. He doesn’t move much but it’s mostly just something cool to display.


I don’t like that the piston add on goes over the mouth, but the rest looks pretty cool. He’s got a nice “skull-guy in a mech look”.

looks like a really big mech and i like the build, good job


Kinda love it for that though. It has a really neat “mutant abomination” look going on. I’d love to see that concept pursued to the fullest with any future variations.

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Yeah; my initial idea is that when it is created its the fusion of several skulls rather then one creature. If you look I added upper torsos and arms forming the shoulders.

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I’d say you did a pretty solid job with bringing that idea to life.

slight disporpotioned

Pretty messy but kinda plays into the theme.