BIONICLE sob stories

alright, so you got the freak QC crap.

my condolences.



10/10 great fanfiction

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Here are my sob stories:
1. Two years ago, I bought Lesovikk NIB. I built him once, then took him apart and put him back together, never having heard the stories about lime joints (I only just discovered BIONICLE in 2011 thanks to HF & YouTube, so I was still learning story & set details). As you probably would have guessed, all of his sockets snapped. His hands snapped as well, though they're still usable.

  1. Somewhere around the later half of 2013, my sister lost Gali's Kaukau Nuva, and we still have no clue where it is. Just last week a bought a second Gali Nuva off of Amazon, so now all is well.

  2. My Gavla's sockets broke last year. Only two limb pieces & her head are still usable.

  3. Three years ago, my Nektann's ("Piraka's") sockets broke. Only one hand, one arm, and his head are usable.

  4. All but five (4 in Keetorange & 1 in Mata blue) of my HF 1.0 sockets broke. I ordered more from LEGO, but some of those soon broke as well.

  5. Many a Glatorian head has broken.

  6. I took apart Jaller Inika a few too many times, and two of his trans orange limb parts broke.

  7. One each of Hewkii Inika's hands & limb pieces broke, which is the reason why my self-MOC has a gunmetal prosthetic leg instead of a matching Metru red & Keetorange leg.


here is what i reccomend for broken joints

it's a life saver. it can be found in Hobby lobby (for america) in the Model section


During the course of G1 Bionicles run, I was a big fan that tried to collect as many sets as I could each year. But as I grew older, I bought fewer and fewer sets since I at the time felt like I was growing out building these action figures.

2008 was the year when I said to myself it was over. I remember it specifically because I was holding the Tahu Mistika set while in a store thinking of buying it, but I put it back because I realized that maybe I had grown out of Bionicle.

So 2009 passed and I didn't really look back, except for when I first saw the Glatorian and were confused of it (by the way, at this point I knew next to nothing of the story after 2006, for various reasons). I don't know exactly why, but for some reason I went and read the comics on the Bionicle website and found out about everything I had missed, and alongside ordering TLR, I realized that I hadn't really grown out of the line.

So when 2010 came, I was happy to buy some sets. I didn't care they weren't great, since I was glad to be back and figured it was some way of celebrating 10th anniversary or something like.

And then... well, I think you know what happened next.

There couldn't have been a worse time to get back into Bionicle.


Only one problem: All of the little round ends...

...that break off when a socket snaps are Mata Nui knows where.


shoulda kept them man

if you had them you could use the Tamiya stuff (which is clear and holds like a rock)


I wasn't aware that there was a way to reattach them, plus i kept stepping on them, so I threw them out. I think I might have saved one, though.


In what situation would you want to do that? stuck_out_tongue


Trying different things out. Some things aren't recomended


I remember trying that when I got Black phantom.

Once, I bought Makuta Teridax from a school fair for a fiver. Back then I didn't know it was LEGO. I ended up dismantling it and my mom threw the parts away. The last remnants of the Makuta is a single, silver bohrok eye. It now rests on a shelf in honor of the fallen Makuta.


aww dude that is so painful to hear

for five american money



Well it's English money (pound sterling), if it were dollars then I'd have spent 7.00.


MONSTER!! She's a MONSTER!! tired_face


I once had every single titan set from 2006 to G1's end, then my house burnt down. Nothing could be salvaged.


every single one!?

also how did you burn down your house .O.


Yes every single one. We were living in an old log cabin and it was very dry. We also had a wood stove which had gotten a little to hot. Luckily I have an even better house and most of the sets have been replaced.


the pain

my biggest sob story is this

i had nearly every set excluding a very few from 2001 to 2010

when i moved out of the house for a bit

my mum threw them all away

so now

i have so little parts in my technic bucket (i only have parts from one HF set and a bunch of the new bionicle)