BIONICLE sob stories

Have you ever lost a set at someone's house? Or had pieces break from a new set?

You can share your BIONICLE sob stories here!

Get your tissues out, and prepare to be hit by the feels


One terrible day, I was playing with Pahrak-Kal at the local park when I lost the Krana-Kal from rolling him around! cry


The Island of Mata Nui was destroyed.... waaah! cry


Well I have a story about a throw bot:
I walked into Value village and found two through bots one was a purple humanoid the other a tan dog thing. After opening them and admiring the cool old (But new to me) parts I was very happy. One of the cool "new" parts was a short black Lego chain. Two off the links snapped on it and I was sad...


Oh gosh, prepare yourselves for this one. I lost... The Avokhii! It's terrible! Over the years it just disappeared, and I could never find it. ,>_<,


I traded my Bohrok for Bakugan thingies. I had to do so many odd jobs to get the money to buy them back >.<


I lost a Piraka's tool to a dog who got curious =P In fact, I lost many pieces to dogs who got curious.


When I was little I fed one of Lewa's air katanas to a running fan and accidentally predicted the Toa Nuva's battle with the Piraka.


I was once putting some CCBS parts into a bag to bring on vacation with me. I got all the parts in, but before I could zip up the bag, one of the Fire Villain "engine" shells fell on the ground. I kneeled down to pick it up. The same exact moment as I kneeled, the piece rolled over with the sharp corner pointing straight up, and my knee came down right on top of it with about half my body weight behind it. Wasn't fun.
That was a sob story.


Every set I got after hali mahri had joint pieces break off easy. Also one time after getting a dank Toa Matau set from a cool shop that's gone called Geppetto's or something in San Diego my first dog buddy ate it. Also after making a exact Zekrom like moc (from pokemon) using CCBS my 2nd dog spencer ate it too.


Mysteriously lost Zaktan in my house in 2006.
Looked all over and haven't seen any piece of him since.

RIP in pepperonis Zaktan


Ouch. Lemme guess: the floor was hardwood and you were wearing shorts...


So I learned quickly that the 2010 Stars/HF sets broke after like three uses right? So when I got 1.0 Furno and Surge, I never took apart their limbs. After about 4 months of taking off their armors and combining them in interesting ways, I took them to my friends house to show them off.

"Wow! Can I do something cool with the limbs?" said my friend.

"Well...I've been avoiding taking them apart so they don't break..." said me.

"Oh I'll be careful, they won't break." said my friend.

"If you say so..." said me.

My friend proceeded to take apart the limbs. Within a few seconds, all the limbs snapped. That was a sad day.

Also there was that time when my friend chewed my Millennium Falcon's tubes up...


When I was younger, my brother and I had all six Toa Nuva.. I have no idea what happened to Kopaka's, Pohatu's, or Lewa's masks... And at one point Gali's mask disappeared, Never found them, but since then we've been able to get the masks again! So, sob story to not such a sob story!


It was actually carpeted, which meant that the piece sunk down just enough for my knee to come down on it all the way. And yeah, I was wearing shorts.


I literally just winced. THE PAIN IS TOO REAL CHRO PLS STAHP


Most of my sad stories involve me being stupid and accidently smashing part of a box or something.

Also, every single freaking time one of those flipping post-2003 sockets broke, I always felt as if part of me had died.


My bro bit and damaged some of my pieces, and sometimes I've painted on a few pieces and made them horrible and disfigured...


When I was 10, my favorite Bionicle set (that I owned) was Toa Metru Nokama. At some point I brought her to school (show-and-tell kind of thing) and then proceeded to lose one of her arms, with the hydro blade, in the playground. For years afterwards, my poor Nokama had a slizer leg for a left arm and only one of her hydro blades... Only recently have I been able to order the parts online to make her whole again, and I got the other Toa Metru as well so I guess there's kind of a happy ending.


I could make a moc or picture of that...