Bionicle Socket piece?

So I’ve recently been rebuilding my demolished Bionicle collection, and noticed something odd. The socket piece, or hand, has two versions. One with a dent on both sides, and one with no dents.

I was wondering if anyone knew which kind went with which years/sets. (Ex: which kind of socket did 01-03 use?) thanks.

I may be wrong here, but I want to say that dent is a side effect from the injection mold. Something tells me that’s not correct though. Perhaps when I have a chance I can check out my sets and figure out what parts go with what year in terms of that dent.


The dent is on many of my pieces, and I am fairly certain the part was molded this way. But I would appreciate you looking, thanks.

I think it is just a mold mark. Kind of like how the 2016/2017 masks have on their foreheads or mouths.


Do you know which sets had the kind with the mold mark?

If you’re asking about masks, I think all of the reboot masks have them. Otherwise, I think all of the hand/connector pieces from G1 would have had them. That’s how it’s been in my experience, anyways. Not sure what’s up with yours.

The ones on the right have them, the ones on the left do not. I’ve been looking at many of them, and I suspect that the pre-2004 sets have the dent whilst the post-2004 sets don’t. Not sure though, so if anyone knows for sure, please tell.

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It was phased out in 2003 – The Kal don’t have it, but a few Rahkshi do.

Glad I never took apart my sets.