Bionicle Spinosaurus

I thought my first moc post should be one of my best looking ones. Here is a picture of my spinosaurus! I entered him into a Lego contest held by the Science Museum of Minnesota last year and I was one of three finalists and had it displayed in the museum! Please say say if you seen it there and what you think of it. Sorry I only have one picture of it now.


Doesn’t look too much like a Spinosaurus. But as it’s own thing, it looks really cool.


I like how you borrowed that Killer Croc vehicle teeth design, works nicely. The rest of the build looks very solid, would like to see some different angles soon

From what I can make of it, this is pretty cool. I like the head and how Brutaka’s blades were worked into the spine.

It looks good for a dinosaur from the Spinosauridae.
But not a Spinosaurus itself:


well it’s a far more classical and older form for the Spinosaurus to me, but yeah I was gonna say it’s not on four stumpy limbs nor has the right head nor spinal fin


Really like how it looks. Especially the face.

Definitely looks enough like a Spinosaurus to me. The tails a bit gappy however

That’s pretty sick man, we need more dinosaurs hehehe

What Bionicle 2011 could have been…


Its huge! Its amazing! Its so beautiful! I love this. The spine sail looks amazing and the whole moc just looks fantastic.

I actually built him before that set was shown, so I am going with Lego taking my ideas.


Great designers think alike I suppose

My God this is really cool

This is really well done, especially how organic you managed to make the head look.

Not sure why you gave it a nose horn though xD.

This is great, love the overall look. This would scare me a ton in real life.

This is fantastic.

Was also going to make the new Spinosaurus joke, but someone beat me to it.

Seriously, science has never been so disappointing.

Regardless, this looks fantastic! 10 year old me would have loved this! Excellent!

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more pictures would be nice.

It looks really cool but some things like the horn make no sense (even disregarding modern spinosaurus)
and the gear on the neck looks bad, unless thats a function?

Fite me.