Bionicle store displays

Hey just wondering if anyone here have ever seen or owned one of the Bionicle store displays or if you have found some photos of them just post them here


eBay has quite a few from time to time (all UK links):

I used to own a cardboard Legends of Metru Nui DVD display stand, it was taller than me at the time!


I own one of the G2 display cases, the one with Tahu Master of Fire and the Protector of Fire. I would take pics, but there are people still sleeping in that area currently. So I’ll get them later, but here’s one of the many eBay examples.


And the curse of my home’s lighting continues…And also extreme glare, couldn’t get a good shot of it.


Man these things are way cheaper than I expected them to be

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i know there’s some on bricklink check there

I remember one Toys R Us display from 2007 that had some of the Toa Mahri. When you pushed a button, it played a snippet of “Creeping In My Soul” before having a brief narration about the Toa Mahri. It was like audio from a commercial.


I think I remember something like that! Although the only time I can recall seeing the Mahri at the store was when I saw them lined up with the Barraki in one of those small little plastic displays at Wal-Mart. Although I was quite young at the time so I might just be remembering about it wrong.

Also look at these displays! I’ve never really seen anything quite like it.


Those are the ones that made me make this topic, I would have posted them but alas the photo format things wasn’t correct. They are so cool looking, I wonder if they made the other three?

Oh wow, I think I might have seen the Onua one back in the day, but no recollection of the others. Gorgeous!