BIONICLE System Set Ideas

What if LEGO made system sets based on BIONICLE, like they did in 05-07? What sets could they make? Kini-Nui, Vakama's forge, etc? Feel free to discuss set ideas for any year of BINICLE.


Personally I would love to see a mini Okoto set like the minecraft micro world thingys, just showing the different regions so we could use it as a mini map/ reference. And I just want more bonkles to collect.


good sets for the summer wave (that will never happen)

(the big set's)

Bridge Entrance:
Set would be the entrance to the bridge and would include a piece of land and the entire bridge up untill a crack where the bridge splits off. by hitting a brick in the floor it launches part of the bridge off (like onua did in the animation.
this set includes these Mini figures: Lord of Skull Spiders, Tahu, Onua, Kopaka

Temple of Creation:
a set that had the entrance to the forge (staircase) with the forge at the top (temple of creation)
the set included these minifigs: Tahu, Gali, Onua, Kulta, Skull Basher

(two medium sets)

The Graveyard:
this set would showcase the grave yard ekimu is stored in. it would have his casket which he is placed in and the casket lid would roll of with gears. it would also include multiple tombstones and a pathway the the casket.
the set would include these minifigures: Pohatu, Ekimu, and 2 skull Scorpios

this set would be the arena from the animations and when you push a button at the top floor, some of the tiles would be sprung off.
this set would include these minifigures: Lewa, gali, Skull Slicer

(Small Set)

City entrance:
this set would be a simple entrance that would be able to fit a minifigure under it and be able to have minifigures stand on it. on the floor it would have ground plants and a cracked stone road
this set would include: Kopaka, 2 skull warriors


I think a $99.99 Pit set would be amazing. You could have all of the Barraki, Toa, Matoran, Karzahni, Maxilos and his lil' dog friend (Spinax), Gadunka, and Lesovikk.

No you might be asking yourself, "Isn't that a bit excessive in the Minifigure Department?" My answer to that is yes, it is. It's basically going to be a Minifigure Pack with a $10 Temple, with the Ignika inside. Fuuuuuun. expressionless


I think they can make the ancient city like Lego Super Heroes Shield Helicarrier with micro figures(the ones that smaller from minifigs).


Ones that system fans won't bash to pieces.

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There will be only one problem: the minifigs.
Think about it. They probably will recycle the same molds on other minifigs in the set regardless if they look like that at all.

I wonder how Loss and Scorpio could be minifigs...

Something like this?

I hope LoSS would be done like this. Look at that BEAUTY!


I would have liked to see the minor temples like Le-kini, Ga-kini, etc.




This seems like a longshot but what if they had Karda-Nui sets? I'm mean they could have a whole line of these sets! They could have one where they made some of the sky areas and have Phantoka mini-figs with tiny matoran. And/or they could make a load of swampy sets with Mistika figs and to top it off they could make the place where all the Jetrax T6's are and make them out of Lego!!!


Arena Magna and the great furnace.

Ta-Koro would be a great set

Here's a few ideas:

  1. A Metru Nui set, depicting a section of Ta-Metru. A feature allows you to red-orange and red studs in certain areas. Includes some flex tubes and Piraka spine bits in red-brown to represent the Morbuzakh. Minifigures include Toa Vakama (with a stud shooter to replace his disk launcher), Nuhrii, another Ta-Matoran, and 2 Nuurahk.

  2. A Key to Nongu Keetongu's Lair/Hideout/etc set. Keetongu is the size of one of the Protectors or even one of the smaller Masters (yes, he was that big in the story). Includes Keetongu, all the Toa Hordika, and 1 visorak.

  3. A small set in the Matoran Holy Sanctuary. Minifigures include Dekar and Kalmah. The statue has a function where Kalmah can steal the Mask of Life off the head with his tentacle-whip.


I like number 2 because it seems like it will be cool to see a keetongu fig but i think it should have a load more visorak as appose to all 6 Hordika maybe......just Vakama, Nuju and Whenua but those are just my favourites.

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#necroposting because somehow I never saw this topic.

I always liked the system sets BIONICLE had, and here are some set/minifig ideas.

2001: Kini-Nui(Kapura, Kopeke, Macku, Hafu, Takua, Taipu, Tamaru, some Rahi) Rahi ambush(Tahu, Kopaka, Gali, Pohatu, Onua, Lewa, a Rahi)
2002: Battle against the queens (Toa Mata, Cahdok, Gadhok.)
2003: The seventh Toa (Takua, Jaller, Turakh, Kurahk, Guurahk, Panrahk, Vorahk, Lerahk, Pewku, Toa Nuva, Takanuva) Final Battel (Takanuva, Teridax, Hahli)
2004: Great Barrier (Vakama, Teridax) Morbuzakh attack (Toa Metru, Ahkmou, Morbuzakh) Great Disk (Vakama, Nuhrii, Morbuzakh)
2005: Keetongu's lare.
2006: well, we got plenty TBH
2007: again, plenty.
2008: Codrex (Toa Nuva, Toa Inika, Taka, Krika, Icarax, Gorast, Bitil, Antroz) Mutran's lare (Mutran, Kirop, Antroz, Vamprah, Chiroz, Kopaka, Gali, Lewa, Toa Ignikaaaaa)
2019: Origins (Toa Okoto, Makuta, and Ekimu) Arena Magna (Gresh, Tarix, Strakk, Raanu, a few Skrall)
2010: Golden Armor Pack (The Stars, Ackar, Kiina)
2015: The bridge (Tahu, Kopaka, Gali, Onua, Lewa, Loss) The Forge (Tahu, Ekimu, Kulta)
2016: The Maze (Kopaka, Gali, Umarak, Ekimu)
2017: Moup Madness (Makuta, Ekimu, Toa Narmoto)
2018: Fallen (Kopaka, Gali, Narmoto, Izotor, Kivoda, Nilkuu, Korgot, Vizuna) The cage (Makuta, Lewa, Uxar, Bingzak)

Suva where masks fit inside

That's bigger than this

It could come on one of the Big Bionicle tubs.



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