Bionicle Table of Elements

I noticed there was no comprehensive chart of the Bionicle elements, that had everything I wanted. So I made my own!

The chart is divided into elements found on Aqua Magna, Bara Magna, and everywhere. To my knowledge all of this is canon except for the prefix for sand “One” I took from Onepu. That and there is no official secondary color for shadow.

If anything isn’t accurate, let me know.


Fan. Tas. Tic.


Thanks! This project has been about a month in the works, because I’m currently juggling art projects.


This is really well done!

This is fantastic, though I need to ask why dont the primary elements have symbols? They do exist in MNOG.


None of the symbols here are official, but juts representations of them. The main elements don’t have them because they only have one color.

Well some have consistent secondaries, like onu. You could have just gone off the mata colors. It doesn’t matter though.


I love things that show the elements in a table like manner such as this



Ministry of Science?

Yeah i’d like to show you something sick.

As a chemistry nerd this is the best thing on the world.

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It would be so cool if there were like, an alternate universe where all the main Toa and Tribes on Mata Nui and such were different elements like Plant life, or Plasma, or Psionics. That would be sick

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Yea, think about what elements were used on Bota Magna!

Cool. I really like how you broke down the concepts of these elements, like the colours and symbols. Also, I think there are some symbols for the main six elements from MNOG/MNOG2, the emptiness on those are bothering me.

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Yeah! It would be so cool to be somehow able to explore other places such as Bota Magna and some of the places the Mata Nui Robot went as well as we did with the Matoran universe and Aqua Magna

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This is absolutely amazing.

Nice job :slight_smile:
I don’t think Kra- is canon either, but I always use that for my own fiction.


This is super awesome! I can’t thank you enough for this, it’ll be a super useful reference when MOCing.

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According to the bionicle wiki it is. May not be though. Can you find any sources telling otherwise?

Nothing that says it isn’t canon, but in my experience, the Bionicle Wiki tends to just assume things. I’ve never seen it on BS01 (which is more reliable) anyway.
Where does it say it’s canon?

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I made one of my own a while ago. ^_^;


That one is pretty good too, though I’m pretty sure sound and gravity aren’t technically energy, gravity is a difficult concept to understand so whatever but sound is a vibrating gas/liquid.