Bionicle Tahu mata instruction and Vezok(set) (trade)

I recently bought a duplicate tahu mata whom I have now turned into tahu nuva with the help of old flea market pieces, which resulted on me having an extra tahu mata instruction booklet, but I got another duplicate: Vezok with all parts and instruction included, who I would be ready to trade. For tahus instruction an extra instruction from your respective collection would be fine with me, and for vezok another canister size set would be fine aswell, but you can suggest what you see fit(for example for both of them (insert name here)) and we can then discuss about our trade.

What's with all this trading? Perhaps we should make a trading topic instead.

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Perhaps someone should make one...

yar, but should it be a whole new category or just one topic...?

I dunno. I don't like the idea of trading, but I also don't want the message boards cluttered with trade requests. How about we make a sub-catagory or something for it, that way we don't have to have a entire catagory based off of it.

Moved to B/S/T


Does Vezok happen to have his canister?

He does not have his canister, but he is otherwise complete.

I dunno... seems tempting.