BIONICLE: Tales by Helryx08

Hey y'all! The is a topic where I shall post some of the short stories I am writing. They will be a mix of some non-canon stories, but mostly they should be able to fit into the Canon Cannon. Expect new content... eventually (basically whenever I have free time to write at school). Enjoy!

Bionicle: Tales 1: The Time-Travelling Muaka Story
Part 1

It was windy. Snow obscured the air, reflecting the sun onto the white powdery ground. Small birds cried out from the tops of dying trees.
The Time-Travelling Muaka prowled through the snow, musing. It had immediately been drawn to this icy realm after leaving its old home. It shook its head in anger, remembering the death of its master.
The Makuta had given it power, a purpose, meaning. But now he was gone. Filled with confusion, the Time-Travelling Muaka had fled its master’s body. It expected that it was going to be followed, but it managed to escape without notice.
So now it prowled.
It wished that there was something it could do. It paused, focusing on the memories its master had imprinted upon him. He remembered how its master’s brother had been saved by a Toa clad in white.
There! The Time-Travelling Muaka thought. If the master’s brother died, then this would never have happened.
It had made up its mind. It would save the master.
The Time-Travelling Muaka chose a point in time, and it disappeared in a puff of snow.
. . .


Bionicle: Tales 1: The Time-Travelling Muaka Story
Part 2

It was one of the worst blizzards of the last few years.
Matoro trudged through the snow, using his ice pick-axe to clear rocks out of the way. He couldn’t see even a few meters in front of him. He eventually came upon a red flag, slithering in the wind.
He turned toward a large rock jutting out of the smooth frozen ground. He had built his shelter here, and now he had to check on the frostbitten Ta-Matoran. Matoro would have to ask him what he was doing so far from his molten home. But first he needed to tend to his wounds.
The Ko-Matoran entered the small cave. He pulled his pack off, and emptied it onto the floor. He had managed to find some partially unfrozen logs. He took out his heatstone and soon had a roaring fire.
Matoro retreated to the corner. He sat down, exhaled. Turaga Nuju had taught him several techniques to clear his mind and stay calm.
About an hour passed before the Ta-Matoran stirred. Matoro stood up, and went over to where he had dumped out his pack. He picked up a small bundle of berries he had found while scavenging earlier. He leaned over him.
The red-and-yellow clad Matoran coughed and slowly opened his groggy eyes. Matoro put the berries in front of him.
“Energy.” Said Matoro.
The Ta-Matoran weakly reached out and took the berries. After a few minutes of eating, Matoro took the stem and lowered the shivering Matoran back to the ground.
“Rest.” Spoke Matoro.
The Ta-Matoran closed his eyes.
. . .

Bionicle: Tales 2: Below
Part 1

The Nuhvok Va was taking its time.
It slowly walked down the dark tunnel, observing the walls. Every now and again, it would pause and let out a loud screech. The noise seemed to echo up towards the surface.
Onepu crept behind it, silently. Since the flooding of Onu-Koro and the defeat of a Nuhvok swarm at the hands of Onua, attacks were few and far between. So seeing a Va this close to the village frightened him.
This Nuhvok Va must be scouting. Thought Onepu.
The Va let out another screech, and started to move faster. At a fork further ahead it took a sudden left. Onepu Scrambled to catch up, but when he reached the fork, there was no sign of the Nuhvok Va.
The Onu-Matoran pulled his staff from his back, and carefully started forward. He nervously glanced side-to-side, expecting an ambush. What did I get myself into? He thought.
After a few minutes, Onepu lowered his staff. He sighed.
“That’s odd. I’ll have to tell the Turaga when I ge-”
Then the walls exploded inward. The sound drove Onepu to the floor, where he laid, almost unconscious. Just before he slipped away, he saw the roof buckle and fall.
. . .

Bionicle: Tales 1: The Time-Travelling Muaka Story
Part 3

In a flash of light, the Time-Travelling Muaka appeared where it had first met the master. Only now, everything was different.
The snowy plains were scorched and flattened. Even the hills hadn’t stood up to whatever had happened. The Time-Travelling Muaka was devastated.
My Home! It thought. What has occurred here?
Then it noticed several powerful looking beings. Flames leapt from their red claws, burning a small wooded area. The Time-Travelling Muaka almost struck out, but a memory suddenly its mind.
Bohrok. An important part of the master’s plan. But… Doubt filled its mind. They destroy my homeland.
Then a thought struck him. If the master’s plan is doomed to fail, then I must change it.
Filled with new inspiration, the Time-Travelling Muaka disappeared once more into the past.
. . .

Bionicle: Tales 2: Below
Part 2

After a day of fighting off the Bohrok, it seemed Onu-Koro would enjoy a peaceful night.
The attack had begun in the early morning. The Nuhvok had burrowed underneath some of the tunnels leading to the village, and caught many Matoran when they collapsed. Next, they tried to destroy the columns supporting the main chamber, but the wet soil proved to be an issue.
With the Bohrok struggling in the mud, the tide of the battle quickly turned. Turaga Whenua led his Onu-Matoran into the conflict, and soon after the Nuhvok swarm had fled. But now he had a problem.
He stood in what remained of his hut, in meeting with some of the leaders of industry.
“Have you shut down the tunnels?” spoke Whenua.
“I’ve posted guards near where we think the most damaged tunnels are.” Said a Matoran in black-and-orange armor.
“Good, good.” The Turaga looked at those assembled with him. “Where is Onepu?”
A senior rider of the Ussalry stepped forward. “He went out before the Bohrok attack to go see if anything was out of place… in the tunnels…”
Whenua stiffened. “Mata Nui help us.”
All the members of the meeting stood silently for a few minutes. Finally, the Turaga spoke. “Organize a search party.”
“Turaga, we need to send Boxors to help Le-Koro. We haven’t heard from them in days, and frankly, I’m a little worried.” Said Nuparu.
“Yes. Gather some able Matoran to pilot them. But I am still putting the Ussalry in charge of finding Onepu. Now, go.”
. . .

Bionicle: Tales 2: Below
Part 3

The darkness was comforting. He had lived most of his life in it. It was his home, where he felt closest to the Great Spirit. And now, when he was so weak, he just wanted to slip away into it.
No! Part of him screamed. Fight it, Onepu! You have an obligation! To your people, your village and your Turaga! Wake… up!
Onepu awoke, panting. He was buried in what was the ceiling. He tried to move his arms, but he had no strength. Then he realized what happened.
My… my mask!
It must have been knocked off when the tunnel collapsed. For the second time in the last week, panic settled in and hope fled him. Without any energy, he wouldn’t be able to dig himself out. He would starve or suffocate or be crushed or…
Onepu was starting to feel nauseous. He gathered all his remaining stamina, and tried to shout. Instead, he just mumbled, “Help…”
The Onu-Matoran fell back to unconsciousness.
. . .

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Bionicle: Tales 2: Below
Part 4

Damek wandered the tunnels.
He had to leave his Ussal crab behind; this tunnel was too narrow. Thoughts filled his mind. Bohrok, the fate of the island, Whenua, but above all else, Onepu. The Ussalry had been searching for the last half-day.
Soon, he came upon a section that had caved in. Broken drilling equipment, Ussal carts, and lightstones broke the surface. He carefully made his way through the rubble, towards an unbroken lightstone.
Damek picked it up, and knocked some of the grit off of it. He held it up over his head, illuminating the area around him. Something caught his eye. Near the other side, a piece of metal reflected the light. A piece of purple metal.
The Onu-Matoran hurried over, and pulled the object out of the dirt. It was a purple Pakari.
Oh no.
“Hey! Hey!” he cried backwards. “I- I think I found him! Get Whenua! Hey!”
Three Matoran rushed in, panting.
“Where is he?” said one with a grey Miru.
Damek looked down at the ground. “Below.”
. . .

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Bionicle: Tales 2: Below
Part 5

There was a disturbance. The thumping of feet, the groaning of machinery and the muted shouts of Matoran broke the calm dark silence.
Onepu could only wait. He struggled even more than before to stay awake. He hoped they would get him soon, or else the Ussalry would soon need a new Captain.
Soon, though, small flecks of light began to shine through the dirt and rubble. Someone yelled out.
“Onepu, are you there? We’re close!”
The buried Matoran could only groan in response.
About ten minutes later, hands reached in and pulled Onepu up. One quickly grabbed his Pakari and placed it over his face.
Immediately, a surge of energy filled him. Onepu opened his eyes to see the chamber full of
Ussal riders.
“Sir, are you okay?”
“I… I will be fine.”
A sigh ran among the assembled Matoran. The Captain slowly struggled to his feet. Two others rushed forward to support him.
“Get me back up to my hut. I will be fine, but you need to get out and defend our island.”
As the Ussalry began the walk back to the main village, Onepu looked back.
“After all… we have an invasion to stop.”
. . .

I apologize to all two people who took notice of this, but the spark that filled me to write these has flickered and died. Any and all time I spend writing will go to this: