Bionicle Tattoos?

Hi, so I‘m really into tattoos and I have a couple already, but I really want to get a Bionicle tattoo. Does any of you have any cool ideas or do you have one yourselves? And what would you get if you were to get a Bionicle tattoo?

Not a tattoo guy personally, but the three virtues symbol or MoL face might be cool


I as well am not a tattoo enthusiast, but if I were to get a Bionicle one I think the Mata Nui stone would be cool.

Stole this image from another post on the Boards, but it’s basically the perfect Mata Nui Stone, so…


Yeah maybe that with some writing in bionicle language could be cool

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I think the Ignika symbol would work great as a tattoo

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How edgy are you?



If I were to get a Tattoo, I’d very definitely get a 3 virtues symbol and/or a Mata-Nui stone.

there’s always henna

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I’ve been considering getting my first Tattoo as the nuva symbols under my left collarbone as a minimalist kinda thing.


That‘s.a great idea just don’t do it all black, a little shading always looks nicer :+1:t2:

Or an outline would fit better that style

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Nah fully shaded, would look better that way, but I’m still thinking about tattoos and so I haven’t got them yet.