Bionicle Technic Motorcycles

So a little background, about 5-7 years ago, i had a choice; either make 1 exo-suit or make 1 bionicle motorcycle. I made the motorcycle at first and it was glorious but i quickly got bored of it and scrapped it to make an exo suit. i took pictures of it on my old iphone but forgot to save it on my computer before i switched to a new phone. However, I never forgot how it looked like. fast forward 7 years, a couple weeks ago i was thinking, “What the heck i totally have enough pieces to make a motorcycle and keep my exo suits”. so that where this thread comes in, i was looking at a bunch of final fantasy motorcycles while making the motorcycles so if they look like cloud’s fenrir it’s cause i was trying to make it lol. I made not one but TWO bionicle motorcycles. Here’s the thread.

I actually started running out of pieces on the red motorcycle, hence why it’s smaller and looks kind of weird, but i made it work.

Here’s the white motorcycle that belongs to one of my mocs Kate.

The original motorcycle i had used the furno bike as a base for the build and i worked off that. But i somehow forgot and used the rockoh t3 as the base for this motorcycle, i actually like this build instead. i also wanted to put engine pieces on the top of the motorcycle to kind of show the motorcycles power.

control panels next to the handles for attack and thruster options. also a dashboard for targeting and a gps system.

mandatory profile picture of that cool idiot posing next to their ride.

control panels move to the middle and the dashboard comes up to activate the motorcycles attack mode.

My red motorcycle that belongs to my moc Lexi

So i was really running out of technic panels to make a second exact motorcycle as the white one, so i locked at the furno bike build and noticed that it actually didn’t use that many technic pieces, so i decide to make a second motorcycle using the same base as the original one i had.

As you can probably tell, i didn’t have enough pieces to properly cover up this motorcycle as well as the other one, but i still think it looks pretty tight.
Also the original motorcycle was longer and had more jets in the back… i think,

Another couple pictures of that cool idiot posing next to their ride

Her motorcycle does not have an attackmode because she is the attackmode. also cause i didn’t have enough pieces.

Originally i wanted these motorcycles to belong to my self moc and a different moc, but then i realized that they already have a ton of cool gear, so i decided to share the wealth with my other mocs.

Also, now i have TWO exo suits and TWO motorcycles, HAHAHA!


I like the red one the best, but they are both good.

I love these so much! I personally like the white one more, the engine looks awesome!

I like the shaping of the red one, the angles make it feel more dynamic. That being said, both of these are really cool.

The white motor cycle is so nice, and the red one too

I like how you used the visorak head on the white one, Is it possible to make it shoot spinners?

These are really cool. I would say my favorite one out of the two is the red one

The bikes almost look like Lightcycles from TRON. That’s pretty cool.

I have a feeling that I’ve seen these builds before…

White Motorcycle:
The exposed engine kinda gives some “vulnerability” and the Av-Matoran jetpacks placement looks out of placed. However I like how the screens can flip up and decent bulkage.

Red Motorcycle:
Av-Matoran jetpacks are used better here personally, I also like how the panels cover the back boosters. The trans-green doesn’t seem to work and looks great with Lexi.

Those are lovely looking bikes. :fire::+1:

SO COOL. I made Bionicle vehicles in my life, but nothing like this!!! Amazing!!