Bionicle : The Av-Matoran Showdown ! [Animation]

here we go . Another Animation by me , let me know what you think and i hope you enjoy


The animation feels smoother, the ‘sword arm spin’ at around 12 seconds in is an example of this. But cant help feel that the pacing of the showdown was a bit slow and short for what i thought it would be.

I would suggest getting some sort of stand or something so that when a character does a flying kick they can still remain in-frame.

Just continue with roughly the same amount or slightly higher amount of frames to keep the smoothness, however you may want to add more speed to certain aspects and potentially a little more action. In a sword fight for example one character could have sliced forward forcing the other to dodge or sliced above causing them to duck, etc…


It feels like the actions are a bit slow, but other Thant, great job

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Slow action, but the good one won, so I like.

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The stop motion seemed very smooth, but slow in some parts. Overall it’s a cool video :smile:

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well the others have said what i was gonna say, but overall, I liked this

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This would be much better if they could move their elbows :stuck_out_tongue:

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